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History Repeats Itself: USA & Turkey vs. Syria & Russia

image- 1958: USA & Turkey vs. Syria and Russia

It’s ironic how history has a bad habit of repeating itself, maybe because we humans are not creative enough, or some of us, or maybe we are too lazy to invent new issues that will might help make our lives more better or at least less predictable. Some learn from history lessons, others tend to commit the same mistakes again.

This is a caricature caricature by a Villian Weisskopf, a cartoonist who lived in the last century (1906 – 1964) and published his drawings in the CSSR satirical magazine Roháč, the first Slovak professional satire magazine.

image- 1958: USA & Turkey vs. Syria and Russia
1958: USA & Turkey vs. Syria and Russia

Do you really think the current events are ‘news’? Syria has always been eyed by the evil empire as a jewel prize in their trophies collection. Fortunately for humanity, Syrians are willing to sacrifice everything to save their country and their dignity, unlike many who bowed and kneeled before their masters, take the Turks as an example from our region and the French from Europe.

We promise you to stay as a thorn in your necks until the last man standing, of you.

image- Syria a thorn in the New World Order Throat
Syria will remain a thorn in the New World Order Throat

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  1. legal eagle

    Funny how that now it is crystal clear that Turkey sponsors ISIS terrorism, and is a NATO member, and along comes the US backing it up. Who was it not long ago invaded and bombed back to the stone age a country who, it was claimed, sponsored terror ? What abject hypocrites !


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