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Pray for Paris

image - pray for paris

On the event of the horrific terrorist attacks that hit the French capital Paris leaving tens of innocents killed, wounded and terrified we have a prayer and ask all the faithful to share it with us.

image - pray for paris
Pray for Paris

Pray for Paris, yes because innocents are always the victims while the real criminals run loose even after they confess to their crimes (Tony Blair).

Pray for Paris to fight terror but not by killing more civilians thousands of miles away. If the French people really want to stand against terrorism they have to start questioning their own government’s role in sponsoring terror in Syria and Iraq.

Pray for Paris to wake up from the very long hibernation and stop with immediate effect their government’s sponsorship of terrorism worldwide under the flag of the Zionists controlling the US regime and of course the UK regime as well.

When Saudi Arabia ‘be-heads’ the United Nations Human Rights Council you should know something is not right about your foreign policies, the same Saudi regime now condemning terror in France is the same one financing directly or indirectly most terror groups worldwide, competing with Qatar of course. The other side of the Zionist coin in Palestine.

Pray for the victims in Paris because they’re the victims of the same terror Syrians and Iraqis, Libyans and Algerians, Malians and Senegalese, Lebanese and Palestinians and many others suffered from the French involvements in sponsoring terror and occupation there.

When Christian patriarchs from the Levant met the French president then Sarkozy to ask for help against terror conducted by ISIS, alQaeda, FSA and other groups the French sponsored, Sarkozy asked: How many Christians are there in the Levant? 3 millions? Bring them over to France!!!

So Mr. Sarkozy, how many Christians are there in France? Why don’t you bring them over to the Levant where it’ll be more safer for them now than France.

image - Assad warning west from supporting terror
‘Terrorism is not a card you play then return to your pocket, it’s like a scorpion, it’ll sting you any time’ ~Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad

Karma, the Golden Rule, You reap what you sow and all these facts in the universe didn’t open the eyes of the French and their other western partners. Don’t do unto others what you don’t like for yourself. You don’t grow a beast and then cry when it attacks you, that’s stupidity.

And for those hypocrites shedding crocodile tears over the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris, where were your tears for the victims of terror in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon losing tens of people on daily bases, for the past many years with the blessings of NATO member states?

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  1. Brian

    While all right thinking People will condemn the attack on Paris and upon the Syrian People . The world should unite and defeat the Enemies of Mankind and Condemn those who support terrorists undermining and destabilising World Order. PS nice article food for thought. Peace to the GOOD Syrian People.


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