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Former NATO Official on Syria: Peaceful Settlement Instead of War

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Syria: Norwegian Labor Party demands negotiations for a peaceful solution.

While the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated in a new statement that the current turmoil in terms of Syria and the mounting crisis in the Middle East as well as the situation in the Asia-Pacific region demands an increased attention by Russia and Australia, a former NATO official and member of the Norwegian Labor Party urged political and peaceful solutions for the conflict in Syria instead of the launch of a US-led war against the Arab country.

In new statements, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Australian counterpart, Bob Carr, said that the current situations in and around Syria as well as the situations in the Asia-Pacific region and the increasing crisis in the Middle East would require an increased attention by both governments. The Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr arrived in the Russian capital Moscow yesterday. Bob Carr visits Moscow for the upcoming G20 summit, of course.

A meeting between the both Foreign Ministers of Russia and Australia took place in the Russian capital today. During the meeting, both Foreign Ministers spoke about the current crisis in the Middle East and the requirements on the Australian and Russian administrations in terms of the mounting conflict and crisis in the region as well as regarding the situation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during his meeting with the Australian counterpart, Bob Carr, that Moscow is grateful for the opportunity to hold such a consultation on the bilateral relationship and the broader agenda between Russia and Australia. Lavrov added that Moscow’s is interested in a deeper cooperation and further mutual projects with Australia.

The Foreign Minister of Russia also confirmed that the Russian President Vladimir Putin recently had a phone conversation with the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd. Sergey Lavrov then stated that both governments have to keep an eye on the events in and around Syria as well as on the general developments and situation in the Mideast.

Russia’s Foreign Minister finally stated that he hopes that they will find a way to join the efforts in advance of the upcoming East Asia and APEC summits. Meanwhile, the Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said during his meeting with Sergey Lavrov in Moscow that the role of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region is very important and he also mentioned the importance of Moscow’s role in terms of the environmental protection and the cross-border security.

In regards of the recent statements by a former NATO official and member of the Norwegian Labor Party in regards of the Syrian conflict, the alleged use of chemical weapons near Damascus and the possible US-led war on Damascus, it is certainly good to read about more calls for peaceful solutions on the Syrian crisis than to read about more demands for a war on Syria. Further, to read about the call for negotiations in terms of the Syrian conflict by Norway is also quite good and not often the case.

The former NATO official and member of Norwegian Labor Party, Signe Brudeset, said in new statements in an interview with Farsnews on Tuesday, that all parties that are involved in the conflict and crisis in Syria have to find a peaceful solution for the conflict in this country of the Middle East. Signe Brudeset further said that all sides have to refrain from war in the “volatile Middle-East region.”

According to the former NATO official, Signe Brudeset, the situation in Syria is currently very grave and every day which passes by without real and honest attempts by all involved sides to solve the Syrian conflict is a lost day. The member of the Norwegian Labor Party further said that her party in Norway urges all involved parties in the Syrian conflict to cease hostilities and to work for a peaceful and political solution to the conflict in the Arab country.

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Signe Brudeset was also asked about the use of chemical weapons (e.g. Sarin nerve agent) in Syria. The former NATO official answered that the Syrian government in Damascus had done “a good job” by allowing the chemical weapons inspectors of the United Nations (UN) to investigate the alleged sites of attack and to visit the contaminated areas in the Arab country.

For Signe Brudeset, it is of utmost importance that the inspectors of the United Nations (UN) are allowed to do their job and to publish an objective and independent report. Signe Brudeset said that the UN inspectors have to be allowed to publish their report on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria unhindered.

The former NATO official finally underlined the importance of an international peace conference on the Syrian conflict in order to find an international consensus to decide about the situation in the Arab country. Signe Brudeset said that it is the view of the Norwegian Labor Party that the UN Security Council (UNSC) must come together “to reach agreement on possible new next steps from the international community,” instead of supporting a possible US-led war against Syria.

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