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Syria: Iranian President Blames Washington for Chemical Attacks

Iran / Syria

Chemical Attacks in Syria: Rafsanjani blames US and its allies.

While Iran’s envoy to Lebanon, Qazanfar Roknabadi, has stressed the support of the Iranian administration for the Syrian people and the governance in Damascus, the former Iranian President and Expediency Council Chairman, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, blamed Washington and its allies for the recent chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

The Expediency Council Chairman and former Iranian President, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, said in new remarks from Tuesday that the US administration in Washington and its allies as well as their “hirelings in Syria” are responsible for the chemical weapons attacks in the Arab country.

According to the statements by the former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the US administration in Washington had prepared everything in advance and the officials of the United States have even said that they had known that the chemical substances were due to be used in Syria three days before the chemical attack took place in a suburb of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The report says that the Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani made these statements at the last meeting of the Expediency Council in Iran’s capital Tehran on August 31 – at least, according to an informed source.

These statements by the former Iranian President are a response to the previous reports by certain Western media that Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani would have blamed the Syrian governance in Damascus for the chemical weapons attacks (e.g. Sarin nerve agent) against Syrian civilians.

Thus, the information by the informed source refutes the reports published by certain Western media. However, both reports cite unnamed sources. At least, it seems very far-fetched that the former Iranian President would blame the Syrian government in Damascus for the use of chemical weapons.

Further, the alleged informed source who is said to be a member of Iran’s Expediency Council also stated that the former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran has called on all Iranian officials “to act vigilantly and wisely in the current situation” and to continue the support for the Syrian nation.

The former Iranian President has allegedly said that the support for Syria and Lebanon “should continue since these countries are in the forefront of resistance against Israel,” and this statement does not sound far-fetched – it fits to the usual statements by the former Iranian president and Iranian officials.

Iran / Syria
Iran / Syria

As mentioned, Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Qazanfar Roknabadi, also made some new statements in terms of the conflict in Syria and the possible US-led war against Damascus. The Iranian envoy to Lebanon said that the administration in Iran is closely monitoring the developments in and around Syria.

Qazanfar Roknabadi also underlined the support of Iran for the Syrian people and the government in the capital, Damascus. Qazanfar Roknabadi made these remarks in a meeting with the Russian ambassador to Lebanon as well as with the Syrian counterpart in the capital, Beirut.

The Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon then referred to a visit by the Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, to Syria and Lebanon and said that Tehran supports the people in Syria and also the current political system of the Syrian nation.

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  1. Bill Carson

    now there is talk that the whole thing with the “nerve gas attack” was a staged false flag
    event. and nobody died. it was just acting and the whole thing was like a scene out of hollywood.
    now if this is the case, i must say. i find it most strange, even more so than a actual attack. so now syria
    has syrians participating in a false flag event and for what reason? to help make an excuse for dark forces to attack their own country???? if this story is correct and it was on zerohedge last night, then i must say, syria has some real issues as a country and syria has many traitors in its midst………….

    on another note, i must say, this so-called missile test that israel conducted for whatever reason was totally off the chain provocative and totally unnecessary and just a severe case of bad judgement . to be firing missiles in that area now with all of these people , very jumpy and for good reason is just totally disgusting and typical of the actions of the jewish state.

    • Arklight

      Yeah, Bill, there have been videos out for a while about how the jihadi rats staged the massacre in an area of Ghouta controlled by them. There was also a story that KSA sent CW weapons to the jihadis in the Damascus area without any sort of safety instructions or even any notice of what they were, and the jihadis set the gas off by mistake, killing we of their own as well as citizens; there is also a story out that ‘allied’ intelligence operatives launched 7 CW rockets, which accounted for the massacre. Take your pick, although the staged scene story was, reportedly, told to SAA by a citizen of the area after his neighborhood had been recaptured by the Syrian Army.

      As to the ‘missile test’, you’re right; it was irresponsible at best, provocative at any rate. No news yet on where the missile impacted, or if it did. There’s an awful lot of bare desert where the thing may have landed and the site may not ever be found, in our lifetimes.

      • M. Klostermayr

        at least, what I certainly know is that some images and recordings showed victims yeah and dead bodies – but from a mosque in Egypt and not in Syria.. further, it may be that some of the images of dead bodies are from the killing of kidnapped syrian kurds. as far as I remember, many were kidnapped about two or three weeks ago, then the news stopped. and somebody mentioned last week in an article (I dont remember where I used it..) that the recent killing by chemical weapons near damascus was staged and the dead were killed syrian kurds (on the pictures) and that the army soldiers would have been all equipped with gas masks in these suburbs, but they were not around auguast 20/21/22 and on videos.. and so on.. however, I dunno.. but my thinking says that it would be strange when the Syrian army would have carried out this chemical attack due to several reasons. Of course, the French Intel report is useful for their agenda and justification for a war. Came at a perfect time with the perfect “mention” of “staged chemical attacks by the Syrian government”. They turn it around because indicators say it was at least a staged attack? Mh, dunno.. we will see..

        • Arklight

          Yeah, MK, it’s a puzzle. The thing is that there are any number of scenarios up for grabs, so right away the possibility of the genuine massacre gets smaller every day. The one consistent aspect is that there is no logic whatever in claiming that the Syrian government forces did it, since SAA is winning without using The Devil’s Dust. there are plenty of collections of dead Syrians, Kurds or Arabs, to photograph so the ‘photographic evidence’ could be a montage of several mass murders. The various intel agencies can put together any kind of ‘evidence’ that suits the agenda in question, and there’s no requirement that any of it be factual, so long as it meets the need of the moment.

          • Motz

            What agitates me is that nothing is being done to confront those who are creating these fake images and those who are actually responsible for the chemical attack which is blatantly obvious to the sane minded people it was the USA & Israel, every country from Iraq to Iran to Somalia to Egypt where there is war and outbreak of riots etc are all Muslim states, and surprisingly all these country have been to war with Israel, just proving more to fact they are behind these attacks, they rebuilt there own country will the help of the USA allies whom are in fact are run by Jews from Rothschild to the Facebook creator, they finance rebuilt there own country and money isn’t a necessity for these people but power and control of the countries which attacked it from 456BCE to 1970’s have all been attacked destroyed and all surround Israel, rebels employed by the US government to creating fake images it’s all a conspiracy for the Jews to take over and control Muslim states for their personal satisfactory, it obvious as Israel openly do not LET Jews visit any Muslims state without permission from the state,Obama’s just a front and hopefully with Russia support nothing bad occurs the same OBAMA who says he will stop war is creating war, and does it make sense that the same Obama who didn’t create war in his own country where masses are getting killed because of chemically engineered food and plants is focusing on a country miles away from it’s own country.. it’s plain logic, it’s a farce created by the Obama administration to gain oil to help Israel grow and fight it’s enemies and to create war and poverty the world needs to realize because us as humans as commoners come in masses we as a team could defeat the evils in the world but that’s when everyone is bothered which they aren’t until it lands on their on doorstep.Today a personal friend of mine who is currently on duty in afghanistan is tellling me the stateof the country, civillians murdered tortured, and subways for food being created to westernise it to rebuild it to what they want


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