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NATO ‘Rebels’ Bomb Passenger Bus in Homs


NATO ‘rebels’ today remotely detonated a passenger bus in Homs.  Official reports confirm the deaths of 8, with 12 injured.   Unofficial reports state that most of those killed and wounded were university students.

Syrian medics removing the wounded on al Ahram Street, in the Ekrima neighborhood of Homs.

This latest atrocity — at this time completely ignored by NATO’s western media — comes on the heels of the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian security services having thwarted a terrorist attempt in the city of Homs.

Passenger bus remotely bombed by NATO ‘rebels.’
Eight Syrians massacred on passenger bus is insignificant news for NATO msm.

On 1 December, Syria announced the reopening of the General Fertilizer Company’s superphosphate plant, which had been closed for two years because of terrorist bombings in this city.  GFC’s production capacity is 20 tons per hour, suggesting a return to full employment in this plant.

NATO ‘rebels’ clockwork meticulously functions to savage each opportunity of happiness in the Syrian population. On 20 August, these savages bombed the 59th International Fair in Damascus, after a five year hiatus; on 12 May 2015, takfiri thugs launched twin bombings as an affront to the celebrations of the dedication of rebuilt Central Homs, two days earlier.

It is also Geneva Peace Talks time.  In the February round, NATO ‘rebels’ slaughtered 48 Syrians, in various bombing attacks in Homs.

In a slightly less imperfect world, the timing of today’s slaughter of Syrian passengers on a public transit bus would put a spotlight on the relationship of Israel and terrorists in Syria.  Though not an official member of the US-led, war criminal coalition against the Syrian Arab Republic, Israel has consistently assisted the various sects of al Qaeda in Syria, since the beginning of the crisis.  In addition to making itself al Qaeda’s first air force, Israel has bragged of providing terrorists with free state of the art medical care, counterfeiting Syrian passports, and stealing Syrian artifacts — also breaches of international law.

This morning’s slaughter of Syrians in Homs came 12 hours after the Syrian Arab Army air defense destroyed three Israeli missiles fired upon military posts in Damascus countryside.  This was the second military aggression against Syria, by Israel, in three days.

Israeli media brags about its war crimes with chutzpah-flavored impunity.

It is now almost six hours since the slaughter in Homs, yet a Google search elicits zero report by NATO msm.

In true colonialist fashion, Syrian Arab blood remains unimportant.

Twin explosions in Damascus. Main court of Palace of Justice, al Naser street [15 March 2017]

— Miri Wood

UPDATE:  Five of the eight martyrs have been identified:

Lama Thalijeh, murdered via bus bomb for crime of being Syrian.
Rahaf Yacoub quickly succumbed to her critical injuries.
Woroud Gerges Barsoun also soon succumbed to her critical injuries, a fatal gift from NATO ‘rebels.’
Suzan Nazih Nissani, martyred for traveling while Syrian.
Syrian martyr Sarah Haytham Moussa studied petrochemicals.

Update:  Two more martyrs have been identified:

Dr. Milad Makhoul.


Yaqoub Halmi

اللهم ارحم شهداء سورية


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