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Yemeni Former President Ali Saleh Committed a Deadly Mistake, Literally

image-Yemen President Ali Abdallah Saleh

Former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed today upon his attempt to flee the Yemeni capital Sanaa towards the bases of the US-led Coalition in Marib.

The longest-serving president in the Arab World for more than 33 years and been in the shadow policies of the Yemeni’s leading political The General People’s Congress party has committed a horrific mistake that led to his killing.

The news of the killing was contradicting until the Yemeni Ministry of Interior issued an official statement confirming the death of the former president without naming him and followed within few minutes with footage showing the body of Saleh wrapped in a rug and loaded to a pickup truck.

image-Ali Abdallah Saleh - Killed - Blurred
Graphic: Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh – Killed – image blurred (original:

Saleh was attempting escape where the Saudi-led Coalition had targeted 11 army posts and checkpoints of local defense forces killing scores of the local fighters along his escape route. His convoy was made of 3 armored vehicles that fell in an ambush by the forces loyal to the Yemeni government. 

Two of his sons accompanying him were arrested and a number of his entourage were killed and injured.

Saleh’s Deadly Mistake:

Saleh felt the danger of being arrested by the Yemeni government after his inflammatory statements in support with the Saudi-led aggression against his country and when he saw that his closest aides have abandoned him so he decided to flee towards forces under the command of his cousin which joined the Saudi forces against their own country. His statement, his acts and amounting evidence against him of his involvement of directing mercenaries to create chaos in the Yemeni capital Sanaa and his agreements with Yemen’s enemies over the years made his former overt allies in Yemen as calling it a betrayal and backstabbing.

This chapter now closed opens a clear choice for the Yemeni people whom over 22 million out of 30 million of them stayed loyal to their government against the Saudi aggression and its attempt to install a puppet regime headed by Saleh’s own deputy.

Houthis are now focusing on the outside front with Saudi and its allies, no more strained by local infighting and backstabbing while they fight to defend their country.

Yemen has been under continuous criminal bombardment for the past 3 years and under inhumane siege condemned by all nations and international organizations. The suffering of the people of Yemen is massive and the crisis they’re living is unprecedented as all heads of United Nations organizations has described. Check our former report The Saudi Led Coalition is Killing Yemen Slowly, and Painfully.

Saudi Arabia is losing its cards and bets at a faster pace now:

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