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Moscow: UNSC statement on events in Syria’s Al-Qusayr untimely

Qussayr City

According to the latest statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich from Monday, it seems that Moscow is convinced that the British initiative to adopt another hypocritical UNSC (U.N. Security Council) statement / resolution on the current events in and around the Syrian city of Al-Qusayr, which is located near the border to Lebanon, is untimely.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich made this statement for the Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday, June 3, and this statement just confirms the already known opinion by Moscow about this next hypocritical attempt of London to implement and push another propaganda joke on Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukashevich also said that Great Britain has initiated a draft statement of the Security Council chairman in the UNSC (UN Security Council) in this situation and that this British draft statement demands the Syrian military to cease the fire and fights unilaterally in the area of the city of al-Qusayr (al-Qusair). The spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry also confirmed that the hypocritical British draft statement (resolution) demands that the encircled armed gunmen, jihadists and foreign mercenaries would be allowed to leave these areas.

In addition, the spokesman confirmed that Russia will not agree with such a position of Britain and also that Moscow is just not able to accept such a position on the situation and fights in the Syrian region of al-Qusayr, near the border to Lebanon. “We stated our disagreement”, so Lukashevich, “and the draft did not pass”.

The spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry finally said the following about such “proposals” on Syria and the so-called “international community”:

“The proposal that the international community should raise its voice at a time when the Syrian army is finishing a counter-terrorist operation against insurgents who have been terrorising the population of the border-lying Syrian town for several months can hardly be called timely.” (Alexander Lukashevich)

He finally also noted that nobody of this international community would “drew attention” to the “suffering of the residents of Al-Qusayr” and this is probably very true. While Britain, France, Germany and the United States, beside the typical terrorist supports in the Gulf (Qatar, Saudi Arabia), just care about the support and help for the armed gunmen, jihadists and fighters in order to maintain this kind of a proxy-war in Syria and to overthrow the secular government of Syria, they are just using phrases in order to maintain their propaganda and to sell the fake image about their stance(s) when it comes to the residents of this Syrian region near the border to Lebanon.

Qussayr City
Qussayr City

Meanwhile, the battles in the area of al-Qusayr continue and according to Al-Watan (newspaper), about hundreds of foreign-backed fighters and mercenaries were killed by the Syrian Arab Army units over the last 48 hours. In addition, Al-Watan also reported that a source of the Syrian army has denied the statement of a so-called “opposition member” in Istanbul, Turkey, that the foreign-backed terrorists in Al-Qusayr (al-Qusair) have already received some reinforcement from other parts of Syria.

The military source proved his statement by saying that, for example, all the armed terrorists who were heading to the Syrian city of Al-Qusayr from Talbiseh, which is located near the Syrian city of Homs, had been destroyed and killed. And thus, no real reinforcement for the armed jihadists and terrorists in Al-Qusayr, at least, not from Syrian soil. Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are another topic.

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