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Jobar District Cleaning Process – Damascus

Jobar Damascus

NATO propaganda machines aka mainstream media supporters of the failing FSA ‘Free from Syrians Army’ are still claiming that Jobar district, at the north east entrance of Damascus city, is still under the terrorists control and yesterday early morning while thousands of students were heading to schools, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Jobar police station in what the propagandists saw in it a prove their terrorists are controlling the district and it appeared it was a desperate attempt by the terrorists, suicide is usually done by the desperate, right?

The importance of Jobar district is its vicinity of the Syrian capital and one of the main squares connecting the city with several areas and the main road towards the rest of Syria north of the city. It’s proximity was benefited by the terrorists in shelling the capital’s nearby neighborhoods with mortar shells and one of them was said to contain some chemical substance that caused breathing problems to the residents of the city.

Jobar district, Damascus
Jobar district, Damascus

In addition to terrorizing the people, the Syrian state infrastructure, Syrians 7,000 years of heritage and their community tolerance are high on the goals of the ‘NATO sponsored revolution’ in the country. One of the rumors they spread through their media included the ‘liberation’ of the main vehicles licensing department located in Zablatani area in Jobar district. ‘Liberation’ means destroying the building and all the archives and documents in it.

The following report was done by Syrian Ikhbariya News channel filming from the main neighborhoods in Jobar, showing bodies of killed and burned terrorists, and then visiting Damascus Transportation Department, the vehicles licensing dept.

Worth reminding that one of the main tasks carried out by the ‘freedom fighters’ in Jobar was to ‘free’ the oldest Jewish synagogue in March, they desecrated, looted, destroyed parts of it and aired on their channels a report accusing the Syrian Army of such crime, we covered this in our previous report: Oldest Jewish Synagogue in the World Looted By FSA.

Guess who is the terrorist?
Guess who is the terrorist?

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  1. Sasha

    disgusting behaviour by terrorist and even more so by their sponsor the tyrannical west and its stooges the arab league ..


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