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Latest Progress of Liberating Aleppo

Khanaser Liberated

The Syrian Arab Army continue its fierce fighting with the NATO backed anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide bombers and cannibal sex Jihadists coming from all sides of the world to liberate Syria from its people, its infrastructure, its culture and its humanity, the focus is not limited to one area, as the SAA is chasing the terrorists all over the country, including Aleppo.

After a 27 days fighting the SAA liberated Sfeira southeast of Aleppo and near Syria’s main military defense factories earlier this month, the SAA managed to restore Aziziyeh town to the north of Sfeira and is chasing the terrorists in Tell Aran and Tell Hassel towns. The progress was only done after the SAA liberated Khanaser in the south last month paving the way for supplies towards Aleppo.

Sfeira in Aleppo Countryside Liberated
Sfeira in Aleppo Countryside

Syrian Armed Forces positioned within Aleppo city can now receive their weapons and food supplies much easier with the main roads opens from the south, while terrorist groups still control most of Aleppo’s northern countryside no thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood government of the Ottoman Caliph wannabe Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is using his thugs within the Turkish armed forces to serve fulfill his fanatic dreams and to host, train, supply with weapons and food, and smuggle terrorists into Syria across the international borders.

Meanwhile, Nobbol & Zahraa towns are still under the siege since the beginning of the Syrian crisis where they receive food supplies by SAA helicopters, the main target of the inhumane cannibal terrorists using the ‘non-lethal’ weapons provided to them indirectly by the Obama regime through their thugs in Libya, Turkey and Wahhabistan (Al Saud fiefdom) in Arabia.

Fierce clashes are continuing between the SAA and local militias from one side and the terrorist numerous groups on the others in north west of Nobbol. The terrorists seek to break into the mostly Shiite dominated town to commit their promised ethnic cleansing against more than 60,000 civilians besieged there under the very eyes and the sponsorship of the ‘humanitarian bastards‘.

The biggest fear for terrorists is when the SAA reaches Kuweiris military air academy and airport to the east where then and per their own sources, the terrorists confirm the Syrian Arab Army will be in control of more than 70% of the city of Aleppo.

The following report explains more in visual (to watch on YouTube click here):

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