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Large Quantity of Narcotics Confiscated South of Damascus

Law enforcement confiscate large quantity of narcotics south of Damascus

Thanks to the ever-vigilant Syrian security and law enforcement officers, the US-sponsored terrorists are now deprived of a new shipment of Hashish and Captagon narcotic pills, this would greatly help reduce their criminal behavior and flush them out of their dens.

This video report by Syrian news agency SANA displays the latest confiscated narcotics, English translation transcript is below the video:

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of the video report:

Thanks to its close monitoring of transporting and smuggling of narcotics, law enforcement agencies managed to confiscate a vehicle with a hidden compartment filled with a large quantity of Hash (Hashish) and Captagon narcotic pills south of Damascus.

Security officer: At around 7 am on 06 July 2019 a double-cabin Honda car was found suspicious at one of our security checkpoints south of Damascus, upon searching the vehicle a hidden compartment was found with large quantities of Hashish and narcotic pills.

The Hashish quantity is estimated to be 266 kilograms, and about 60,000 Captagon pills.

We continue to work at our security checkpoints to ensure the safety and security of our country.

Security officer added: Two individuals were arrested in the car and they have been taken to our quarters.

End of the English translation transcript.

Since the early days of the War of Terror, the US and its lackeys and regional stooges waged against the Syrian people, US agents made sure there would be a steady supply of armaments of advanced weapons and munition, satellite communication devices, a shadowy internet system, and to keep their terrorists moving and committing their most heinous crimes and massacres against the Syrian people with cold blood and no remorse the US agents were keeping a steady flow of narcotics to their Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists.

Hundreds of thousands of Captagon pills, thousands of kilograms of Hashish, and many other substances were found coming into the country from borders with neighboring countries, especially Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, where US presence cannot be missed.

Grow Hashish and Lice the US-sponsored FSA terrorists were instructed to do in an order circulated in 2013 among their ranks in the areas they infested in Aleppo.

A Saudi prince was arrested in Beirut’s international airport with his private jet loaded with Captagon pills, he was dubbed since as ‘Emir of Captagon’, the Prince of Captagon. He’s serving his sentence living a 5 stars life in his cell in one of Lebanon’s prisons despite the massive pressure this tiny country went through from the Saudi authorities.

One has to wonder why is it wherever CIA agents are active massive quantities of all sorts of drugs are popping up from the vicinity of their locations or falling down from the skies?

This particular shipment coming from south of Damascus means either from Jordan or from the Al-Tanf area where the US holds thousands of Syrian families hostages in Rukban Concentration Camp. Syria is one of the cleanest countries in the world from drugs and all sorts of narcotics, some of the heaviest penalties are applied in the country against smugglers of those materials including capital punishment. Jordan, for its part, is a regional hub for the CIA and other US terror-sponsoring agencies.

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