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Kurdish Separatist SDF Militia Kidnaps more Young Men in Northern Syria

Kurdish SDF (and YPG) militia protect the US thieves of Syrian oil

Kurdish separatist SDF militia kidnapped a number of young men in the city of Qamishli in the Hasakah countryside, and in the town of Busayrah in Der Ezzor eastern countryside to force them to fight within its ranks.

Local sources reported to the Syrian news agency SANA that the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist militia stormed a number of neighborhoods in the city of Qamishli in Hasakah countryside in the northeast of Syria, kidnapped a number of young men under gunpoint and took them to its concentration and brainwashing training camps in order to turn them into mercenary soldiers fighting for the USA.

The day earlier, groups of the SDF militia under the protection of the US occupation forces helicopter stormed the houses of the people of Al Busayrah town and its outskirts, the separatist Kurdish militia kidnapped 3 civilians and took them to an unknown location.

The Kurdish SDF and YPG separatist militia work as protectors of the US oil thieves in northern Syria in exchange for promises from the USA to grant them Syrian land to establish their ‘Greater Kurdistan’ project on, just another US-controlled Israel in the region. To do so, they have replicated everything Israel did from the displacement of locals to be replaced with people of their own, assassinating and committing massacres against the local elders and the Syrian army conscripts, burning wheat fields, stealing the resources of the country that hosted their grandparents who fled oppression from northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey, to enforce their culture on the remaining locals, in shorter words they Israelize the regions they’re infesting.

Kidnapping young men and brainwashing them in Kurdish SDF-controlled concentration camps in the areas they occupy under the protection of the US troops seems not to bother the US politicians and their European stooges, this is a reality on the ground, maybe because they’re the culprits in this while they attack China non-stop and on all levels for presumed camps for rehabilitating radical elements within the Muslim community in the Xinjiang province, which happens to be on the Chinese path of the Road and Belt international mega-development, which the US and Europeans are not part of!

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    They sold their souls to the devil with the first bone thrown to them, these are the people who will regret their crimes against the Syrian people for generations to come once their US protectors leave the country, very soon.

  2. Gregory Casey

    Those Kurds have no shame when one considers that no part of NE Syria comprises any part of the Kurds traditional homeland as mapped by the British in 1910. Kurds were granted shelter by Syrian Arabs and (even) by Assyrians despite the Assyrian peoples’ own historic difficulties with Kurds and now, the world has bought the fable that the Kurds are doing no more than wishing to rule themselves in their ancient traditional homeland, Nothing could be further from the truth. Maunsell’s Maps tell this story of theft.


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