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Israel Test Syrian Air Defense System South of Damascus

Israel Tests SAA Air Defense Systems over Damascus

In a new violation of international law and brazen breach of the UNSC Resolution 350, Israel sent ‘flying illuminated objects’ inside Syrian territories reaching south of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The new US-sponsored Israeli breach occurred at 10 pm local Damascus time and was repelled by proper SAA air defense systems, though some explosions heard coming from the south and southwest of the capital.

Israeli officials have previously gone mad for a surveillance drone sent from Syria and carried out an unprovoked attack that resulted in the outdated SAA air defense systems shooting down two most advanced US-made fighter jets, an F16 and an F35 gifted by the US citizens to enable Israel to commit its crimes against humanity.

A military statement by the General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces confirmed the latest breach and detailed: the ‘illuminated objects’ came from the occupied Golan in Quneitra province, southwest of Syria.

Israeli officials confessed to having carried out over 200 air raids against targets in Syria in support of al-Qaeda and its derivatives ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, and, the Kurdish SDF separatist militias.

Syrian analyst described this latest violation as an attempt by the Israelis to survey the Syrian Arab Army’s air defense capabilities, readiness, and also locations, anticipating an upcoming confrontation Israel is pushing the US for with Iran. The SAA is not interested to fall in the trap and reveal its capabilities to the enemies of humanity, leaving that to the upcoming confrontation and to be used when needed.

Terrifying Syrian civilians who ended a long day fasting during the holy month of Ramadan is not a concern for the criminals leading the Israeli entity, or their Animal at White House sponsor.

No immediate reports of casualties in this latest attack, despite the sounds of explosions heard coming from south and southwest of Damascus. This news is developing.

Any miscalculation anywhere in the entire region will lead to sparking a war that would engulf all the parties in the region and beyond, US soldiers will be the most vulnerable and will sustain their highest casualties ever until date, their families can blame the Animal at the White House for such losses.

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