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Israel Rushes to Rescue Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria

Colonialist Israel bombs Damascus, 5 May 2013, as al Qaeda cameras roll.

As expected as a result of the sweeping gains by Syrian Arab Army all over Syria and especially in Qussayr countryside surrounding the city, the failure of the sleeping cells in the coastal countryside to make any progress, Damascus countryside, and throughout the northern countrysides between Idleb & Hama, it was expected when these terrorists fail, their masters come to their rescue and that happened. In the dense of the night when Damascenes were sleeping after a long day of clashes and victories, huge explosions occurred near the Syrian capital, sources confirmed it was an Israeli raid but details are yet to come.

Israeli raid against targets in Damascus countryside turned the city's night into a day for moments
Israeli raid against targets in Damascus countryside turned the city’s night into a day for moments

People all over the city and the countryside heard the explosions and felt the tremors, it was multiple attacks, a number of casualties reported but yet to be confirmed, however, the confirmed the targets were:

  • A food supply center for the SAA providing the Army with all food needs from chicken, sheep, and cows, all livestock were killed.
  • An SAA air-defense unit.
  • SAA weapons and munition depot.

Videos and more pictures yet to come when engineering units search the area for any traces of harmful materials dropped as Israel is infamous for using depleted uranium and cluster bombs in its raids even at schools in Gaza, most likely the same might have been used in these raids.

Damascus Bombing
Raid against Damascus

Some ground military analysts suggested the raids were by Israeli missiles and not Israeli fighter jets, others say it was by Israeli fighter jets but from within the Lebanese borders where tens of Israeli jets were violating and still the Lebanese airspace for the past few days and throughout the days.

Israel and its agents inside Syria must have felt very frustrated after their chemical weapons craze was flushed and not built upon despite the systematic propaganda by NATO’s mainstream media channels due to previous fail experiences of false flags of WMDs using, even news of massacres committed by the SAA against civilians in the coastal cities of Bayda, Ras Al Naba’ and Baniyas didn’t work in their favor when the massacres victims killed at the hands of the SAA turned out to be terrorists from Al-Qaeda FSA aka Nusra Front, and those civilians killed turned out to be from pro-Syrian state families and were proved to be killed by the terrorists to frame the SAA and were exposed by local sources.

A failed negotiation for terrorists to leave Al-Qussayr city after the SAA completed the siege around the city and gave a warning for the terrorists to surrender or get killed, there’s no guarantees and no leniency will ever be considered, they missed all the chances given to them already.

The presence of Al-Qaeda fighters to contribute with the raids attacking the same targets left no space for any apologists for the Syrian oppositions abroad, now the picture for Syrians, per social media pages, can’t be clearer: Syrian oppositions abroad are political faces for Al-Qaeda which works for the enemies of Syria and especially Israel.

US tyrant Barack Obama has given the Israeli pariah state a green light for the aggression beforehand when he stated that “The Israelis, justifiably, have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah” in response to an alleged previous airstrike by Israel at a fuel warehouse in Damascus International Airport (civilian airport), one can’t think of a more stupider US president than the people believing such trash..

Obama, however, refuse to give Syrian opposition terrorists on the ground in Syria advanced weapons ‘directly’ as the two states funding and arming these Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria have bought weapons worth $65 billion in the past 2 years only to defend itself from an Iranian attack, turned out in the hands of Al-Qaeda fighters aiming to kill the Syrian president and his family, Libyan-Gaddafi-Style, plus a direct $365 million-plus another $123 million US taxpayers money in ‘non-lethal’ aid!

The delay in Syrian response can be understood in the context a Syrian activist put it in a tweet: ‘If Syria gets punched she doesn’t punch back, she cuts the hand of who dared to be stupid enough to punch her.’ implying there won’t be a tit-for-tat response, rather a retaliation that hurts more and costs the aggressors much bigger at a time Syria and its allies decide and not dragged to.

Keep in mind the Arab League officials led by the Qatari prime minister Hamad Ben Jabr visit to the White House and offering what Israel can never dream of if Syria was still in the Arab League and not replaced by 5th column jokers appointed by the US and its Turkish stooges to represent the establishing country of the Arab League and the UN.

One of the videos leaked from terrorists praising the attack and copied into a pro-Syrian activist channel with English subtitles:

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    • miri

      Anyone bouncing around the word "sarin" is doing the work of Israeli military intelligence. Brun started it with his orwellian press conference that had NO EVIDENCE, and that the yellow urinalist Sanger, *after* creating a bigger lie than Brun, whined that Brun offered no evidence.

      Why are so many people sucking on this marrow-less bone, tossed to us by this del Ponet, which appears out of nowhere, with her giving an interview on 6 May 2013 in which she stated some idiocy about the existence of "strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof" that the scum used *sarin* against the Syrian population…which unfortunately has the desperate among us thrilled, despite her words being doubleplusgood newspeak, for which del Ponte probably is going to receive a medal from Brun, for tossing in the word "sarin."

      Meanwhile, nobody seems to remember that Dr Jaafari held that news conference on 30 April, to let the world know that 40 (FORTY) days had passed since the Syrian government submitted a formal request to the UN to investigate the use of chemical weapons on 19 March, a request that was almost immediately countered by the demand of France and Britain* for an authorized fishing expedition into Syria.

      Yet, here is some bogus UN investigation tied into a tidy sound byte, a mere six days after the Syrian Ambassador to the UN states that the UN has ignored Syria's legitimate request.

  1. miri

    Arabi Souri, this excellent piece surpasses your extremely high standards in journalistic integrity, and I shall share it to the point of saturation.

    I have seen Israeli bombing video, with the Wahhabi sex jihadist barbarians *obviously* and eagerly anticipating the explosion, so that they may blaspheme (and other things too, too impolite to put into writing), in which the reporter explains how expensive their camera must be in order to have such impeccable high resolution (I've been 'shooting' since five, and I can't even look at those cameras, as they are so out of my price range).

    Regarding my president, NerObomba, pay no mind to his 'refusal.' Such things are merely for photo-opportunities. Let's remember that he is the guy with the "kill list," and he not infrequently plays coquette so that he may blame his 'tough decisions' on the 'will' of less polished fascists and mass-murderers on Capitol Hill.

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