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Israel Regime Tries to Bomb Homs; Syria Intercepts all Missiles

Israel aggression 05 March 2020 - Homs

Israel regime attempted to bomb the Homs, in celebration of the re-election of indicted Prime Minister Netanyahu, and in solidarity with the Turkish madman Erdogan and his various factions of al Qaeda in Syria.

All incoming missiles were successfully intercepted by Syria’s air defense system.

At 00:30 a.m. our air defenses monitored Israeli warplanes coming from the north of occupied Palestine towards Sidon and fired several missiles over Lebanese airspace towards the central area. The enemy missiles were immediately dealt with successfully and professionally, preventing any of them from reaching our target sites.

Syrian military source statement

The anti-Judaism Zionist Israeli regime once again illegally breached Lebanon’s airspace, reported as flying at low altitude over Fattouh Keserwan, earlier. SANA reports that the Israel regime bombs were fired from the Lebanese airspace.

The video is also available on BitChute.

This is the first time the Syrian Ministry of Defense source states that the Israeli fighter jets were monitored as they were advancing from north of occupied Palestine towards Lebanon.

Two things can be noticed from this particular part: Either S300 delivered by Russia a couple of years ago is finally operational, its radar can scan all the region, or the SAA air defense is using another advanced radar system, that’s one, then the high alert status and using a number of integrated systems to shoot down all the incoming missiles, usually the Israelis resort to overwhelming the air defense systems by a barrage of missiles more than the number of missiles on each air defense battery which means that even if the air defense unit was 100% successful efficiency where each missile shot down an enemy object, after spending all the missiles (6 – 8 depending on the unit) there will not be any more missiles to handle the balance of the incoming enemy objects until a reload (3 – 10 minutes).

It’s a custom whenever al-Qaeda terrorists or their sponsors are on the verge of defeat, the Israelis come to the rescue, knowing very well that the US will go to the furthest extent including sacrificing its own soldiers to defend the Israelis, the same mentality with Erdogan sacrificing Turkish soldiers to defend al-Qaeda, the plot is very thick and the Sheeple can’t see it.

Miri Wood

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