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Israel Pre-Dawn Bombing of Syria: Sleeping Family Slaughtered, Homes Destroyed

Israel bombs Hama countryside

Israel murdered a family of four — dad, mom, and their two children — wounded four others, and destroyed four homes in its early morning bombing of Hama, Syria. Western supremacist reporters — also aptly known as NATO stenography media — remain mute at this latest Israeli war crime. This atrocity is particularly odious as these same yellow journalists who bray about racism and white supremacy are in rapture whenever Arabs, especially in Muslim majority countries, are massacred.

Though St. Obama gave Jordan a billion dollars to let America’s welfare state — Israel — use Jordanian airspace for its war criminal bombings against the Levantine republic, the outlaw state prefers to add the war crime of illegal entry into Lebanon’s airspace, to commit its now weekly savagery.

Four years ago, Trump showed the integrity of his inaugural speech by breaking US records from oath to perpetrator of American carnage.

Since Biden’s inauguration, western supremacist media have been singing songs of ‘healing’ and a return to American values that never existed.

Israel has today proven that the terror against Syria allowed by the dastardly villain, Trump, will continue under the demented, saintly, Joe Biden.

Miri Wood

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  1. Traffa

    Begs the question: just how bad is Israel’s intelligence gathering when selecting their targets? How many civilians have died while Israel states it hit Hezbollah and another military targets? Is this why the Iranians haven’t responded by bombing Israel,….because Israel never hit what it said it had!

  2. Traffa

    Yep. Me too…..and they’ll whine and lament and say, “Why have they done this to us!” If Iran attacks Israel, it will do serious damage to Israel’s target rich environment. The israelis need to be taught a lesson, a lesson that goes on for days without stopping.

  3. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Quite possible. You are habitually using such an insensible, audacious forms of language that normally English speaking people would consider you as unusually immoral person.
    Regular English speaking person would never use such form as ” target rich environment” in regard to a human life. Your English language would be better appropriate to a military killing machine if that machine would be able to speak. Generally your English doesn’t convey to the reader a certain human emotional context and without such, it sounds just plainly awful.


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