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Russian FSB Arrests a Terrorist of Al Qaeda (Nusra Front) in Bashkiria

Russian FSB arrest al qaeda terrorist

The Russian Federal Security Service FSB arrested a Russian person linked to the terrorist organization Al-Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant aka HTS) in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan (Bashkiria).

‘The Russian security forces managed to arrest a person of the Al-Nusra Front organization who was preparing to launch an armed attack on security officers in the Republic of Bashkortostan.” TASS news quoted the law enforcement agency as saying in a statement.

Firearms, bomb-making manuals, and components of a home-made bomb were seized in the hideout of the aforementioned person, while the correspondence on his devices revealed that he was receiving instructions from followers of the terrorist organization abroad, the agency added.

Last month, the Russian FSB arrested four ISIS terrorists in the Republic of Dagestan, thwarting a plot to carry out a terrorist bombing in front of an administrative building of the security services in the capital, Makhachkala.

Defeated in Syria in a decade-long war against these terrorists by the Syrian armed forces and their Russian, Iranian, and other allies, cornering them in much smaller areas where they still enjoy the protection of NATO member states Turkey and the USA, these terrorists have increased their activities abroad, first with the Turkish Madman Erdogan sending herds of them to fight against the Libyan people, then to Artsakh in Armenia, and later in eastern and central African countries alongside with members of their brethren in ISIS.

NATO unable to confront Russia directly is using the same covert, yet exposed, operations against Russia and other countries that helped Syria in its fight against these anti-Islamic suicide bombers. Russia succeeded for a long time in ridding itself of a large number of its US-sponsored home-grown radical terrorists by dumping them in Syria and fighting them in the Levantine country, now the fight is intensifying in places where NATO is targeting, the Russian central republics provide a suitable environment for these radicals to spread with huge Saudi and Qatari money and radicalized anti-Islamic Wahhabi ideology, the other face of the Muslim Brotherhood-led by the Turkish regime of Erdogan.

NATO countries think they’re immune from the terrorism they sponsor in other countries, investing in terror is never a good investment and will always bite back just like when raising a beast at home to use it against your neighbors, when it becomes hungry and your neighbors gained the experience in fighting it, the beast will eat you, ask France and the UK about the beasts they raised in Syria, Iraq, Algeria, and Libya.

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