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Israel on High Alert after Hezb Allah Mourned One of their Soldiers

Hezb Allah Martyr Ali Kamil Jawad killed near Damascus by Israel bombing

Israel is on ‘one and a half leg’, again, after Hezb Allah mourned one of its members killed in the Israeli bombing south of Damascus the evening of Monday.

Hezb Allah, the popular Lebanese resistance party with a regional footprint issued two consecutive statements about the death of one of its members, the first of which only mentioned that ‘a member of the Islamic resistance has martyred while conducting his duties,’ to be followed by another statement which was swiftly picked by Israeli media and observers in the region, the statement added that the martyr was killed during the Israeli bombing south of Lebanon.

There’s a deterrence formula established between Hezb Allah and the Netanyahu regime, especially after Netanyahu killed two members of the Hezb Allah party in their apartment in Aqraba, south of Damascus end of August last year, which was avenged by the Hezb Allah party in a cross border military operation after exactly one week of high tensions that made Netanyahu troops empty their heavily fortified barracks north of occupied Palestine until the Hezb Allah media announced they have avenged the killing.

There will be a response to this killing. Initial reports after the Israeli bombing stated that 7 Syrian soldiers were injured in this aggression, it seems this member of Hezb Allah was embedded in the post, maybe in a nearby facility, the following two statements by Hezb Allah confirm there will be a response.

Hezb Allah Military Parade
Hezb Allah Military Parade

The chief of Hezb Allah Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah has declared more than once that any targeting of their members by Israel whether in Lebanon or elsewhere by Israel there will be retaliation against Israel south of Lebanon – north of occupied Palestine.

A soldier of Netanyahu’s IDF forces was killed and an officer was injured in a vehicle accident south of Lebanon while on their high alert, unrelated, maybe, but karma works in a weird way.

Nobody is more on high alert than the Israeli media now anticipating the response by Hezb Allah, who didn’t even mention any response now but Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah has absolute credibility in the region, including in Israel, therefore, based on the previous warnings of Nasr Allah there will be revenge.

Netanyahu’s chief of staff has warned that Israel will retaliate any retaliation by Hezb Allah for its slain soldiers, how much credit does Israeli officials have is very questionable.

Hezb Allah is operating in Syria upon a Syrian Army request to join in defending the region from terrorist groups, gain experience in all sorts of warfare, and to protect the victory against terror from the non stop US sabotage attempts by all means and sorts.

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