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Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus Injuring a Syrian Soldier

Israel bombs southern Damascus from over the Golan - عدوان اسرائيلي على جنوب دمشق من اتجاه الجولان المحتل

Israel bombed several posts in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus from over the occupied Golan in the very early hours of today, Wednesday 14 June 2023, injuring one Syrian Arab Army soldier.

A military spokesperson said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At about one o’clock and five minutes in the morning today, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points southwest of Damascus. Our air defenses intercepted the aggression’s missiles, and shot down some of them.”

The military statement concluded that Israeli aggression caused ‘severe injuries to a soldier and inflicted material damage’ in the targeted posts.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

No further information was provided by the Syrian military statement.

Israel usually claims it targets weapon shipments destined for the Lebanese Hezb Allah resistance movement in neighboring Lebanon when it repeatedly bombs Syrian sites, except that Hezb Allah continues to successfully beef up its missiles and other weapons arsenal.

Most of the victims of the Israeli bombings are Syrian soldiers and civilians, and the constant question being asked is if Israel is determined to disrupt the arming of Hezb Allah in Lebanon, and if it feels it’s powerful enough to target the Hezb Allah convoys, why it doesn’t do so in Lebanon instead of bombing Syrian targets?

The only answer is that’s just an excuse to bomb Syria to help the defeated terrorist groups in continuing the war of terror and war of attrition against the last secular country in the whole region if not in the whole world.

The Syrian Resistance has vowed to bomb the US Army in Syria stealing Syrian oil and wheat each time Israel bombs Syria, there’s a previous unsettled score of 2 Israeli bombings unanswered yet by the Syrian Resistance, this will be the 3rd unless we consider the alleged ‘helicopter mishap’ that eliminated 22 US soldiers in northeastern Syria on Sunday, 11th of June, as one of those retaliations, it leaves 2 outstanding and needs to be settled.

Do not expect any condemnation of these repeatedly barbaric Israeli bombings of Syria and breaching its sovereignty from the so-called international community, or from the NATO-controlled United Nations and its numerous organizations, international law is selective for these hypocrites.

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