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Helicopter Incident ‘Takes Out’ 22 US Soldiers in Syria

US troops injured in helicopter mishap in northeastern Syria

A mysterious helicopter incident caused 22 injuries among US soldiers in northeastern Syria, the US military claimed with a confusing statement.

US CENTCOM, the branch of the United States military responsible for the US war crimes and sponsoring terrorist groups across West Asia and northern Africa called what happened to their troops in Hasakah province a ‘helicopter mishap,’ whatever that means:

“A helicopter mishap in northeastern Syria resulted in injuries of various degrees to 22 U.S. service members.”

US troops injured in helicopter mishap in northeastern Syria

The above statement by the US CENTCOM released on June 12, 2023, claimed that 10 of its injured troops had to be flown out of its operation zone for further treatment.

The statement also doesn’t tell us the type of the helicopter, whether was there more than one helicopter involved, and how many in total were their troops involved in the incident.

It sounds more like the usual claims of the propaganda machine of the US Ministry of War, aka the Pentagon media, when their troops committing war crimes around the globe get eliminated.

The US military propaganda machine starts with these weird statements and vague claims, and later on, we start hearing of more serious injuries and casualties, an example of that is what happened to dozens of US troops in the Ain Asad military base in Iraq in the Iranian IRGC retaliatory attack after the US Army assassinated their most revered commander.

They’re investigating the cause of the incident as they didn’t detect ‘enemy fire’, which would usually happen when an alien force illegally occupies other peoples’ land and operates there at the hands of the legitimate resistance forces defending their land from the invaders.

Is the above weird so-called ‘helicopter mishap’ related to yesterday’s incident with a Russian armored vehicle hitting a landmine which led to the killing of two Russian servicemen and injuring three others in the northern Aleppo countryside near the area occupied by the NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda in the region?

Landmine destroys Russian military police armored vehicle in northern Aleppo kills 2 soldiers
Landmine destroys Russian military police armored vehicle in northern Aleppo kills 2 soldiers

Whether the ‘helicopter mishap’ rendering 22 US soldiers useless is a Russian retaliation or an ‘enemy fire’ by the Syrian Resistance, or even a technical error, such an incident should send the shills down the spines of the US military, especially the so-called US CENTCOM who doesn’t have good memories in our region, not only in Syria or Iraq but also in Lebanon and the Beirut Barracks explosions in October 1983 killing 241 US Marines should be engraved in their collective brains, it’s not difficult to repeat taking in considerations the isolation the US sitting ducks troops operate on Syrian soil in.

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  1. Safa Syrea

    The New York Times: The helicopter that crashed in Syria was carrying an elite commando unit on a top-secret mission (Delta Force), and 10 of the 22 soldiers who were wounded were taken to a US hospital in Germany for treatment there due to their serious injuries.

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