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Breaking: Israel Bombs Masyaf in Syria, Again

SAA Air Defense Respond to Israeli Air Bombing at Masyaf

Israeli fighter jets bombed the northeast of Masyaf City, in Hama western countryside bordering Tartous, the first explosions were heard at 2:30 am in the dense of the night, as usual of the Israelis, the explosions were very loud as per the local civilian residents.

The explosions lasted for more than half an hour. Syrian Arab Army air defenses, within its limited capabilities, attempted responding to the incoming attack shot down a couple of the incoming missiles.

US fighter jets with Israeli flags were spotted over Kisrawan (Kesrouane), north of Beirut, Lebanon, where they flew very low overheads. The Lebanese government is accomplice in allowing the Israeli fighter jets passage by rejecting offers to arm their national army with air defense systems.

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is obviously thanking Russian President Mr. Putin for the latest favor the latter gave him stealing the remains of a killed IDF terrorist in Palestinian Yarmouk Refugees Camp graveyard and handing it over to Israel, Netanyahu’s way of thanking Mr. Putin was by bombing inside Syria merely 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Russian naval service base in Tartous.

There is only one of two explanations for the ongoing Israeli attacks without the SAA being able to shoot down the Israeli fighter jets: Either the S300 missiles delivered to Syria by Russia, more than 8 years late, are not completely handed over to the SAA Air Defense by the Russian suppliers, or the 4 decades old S300 are incapable of spotting and shooting down the Israeli US-made fighter jets.

Initial statement by the Syrian Armed Forces General Command confirmed the Israeli aggression against Masyaf city from over Lebanon, some of the incoming missiles were successfully shot down by the SAA air defense, others caused 3 injuries among cadets and the destruction of some buildings.

The story is still developing and awaiting the latest statement by the SAA General Command to clarify this latest aggression and if there’s any casualties and what was exactly targeted.

There are two main training facilities northeast of Masyaf one of which is the SAA’s Military Accounting School, a pure training facility for accounting and bookkeeping military financial records, and the Palestinian Liberation Army’s cadets training school, a defenseless non-combatant and non battle-operational training school.

Israeli previous claims in bombing SAA targets in Syria were they were only targeting Iranian targets threatening the existence of Israel, and with Russia’s full pressure the Iranian military advisor and SAA’s supporting allies fighting terror withdrew more than 80 kilometers away from the occupied Golan southwest of Syria. Since then, Israel started bombing in Aleppo, Masyaf, and other areas around Damascus, which obviously prove their lies in targeting only Iranian presence.

Trump’s latest illegal and yet another dumb arrogant move in designating the IRGC, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, part of the Iranian National Army, as a ‘terrorist organization’ in contrast to the fact that the IRGC were a main party in fighting ISIS and other al-Qaeda terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria, which were created and sponsored by the US and its allies; this latest move by Trump has also given a green light to Israel and its stooges to expand their violations of international law and setting the stage for a major confrontation in the region.

Masyaf has been a constant target by both Israel and its Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) affiliates:

Last week, April 7th, 2019, Nusra Front and its affiliates bombed the National Hospital in Masyaf killing 5 civilians including children and hospital staff members. Nusra Front operates in Idlib province with full cover of NATO member state Turkey and the terrorists under its wing and in the ranks of its affiliates Turkestan Islamist Party, Izzah Army, and others, are faithful loyal followers of the new Ottoman caliph wannabe Erdogan.

On 10th March, 2019, Erdogan-sponosred Ezzah Army terrorists based in Latamneh town north of Hama fired six missiles at the residential buildings in Masyaf causing material damage in the targeted buildings.

On July 23, 2018, Israel bombed a research center in the city causing massive material damage, also from over Lebanon.

Israeli jets Bombs Near Missyaf - Syria from Over Lebanon
Israel bombed the Scientific Research Center in Masyaf last year.

3 weeks later, on August 7, 2018, Israel and ISIS assassinated Dr. Aziz Isber, the director of the Scientific Research Center, he was a leading schientist specialized in quantom physics and escaped the bombing of his facility by Israel to be assassinated by ISIS in 3 weeks.

We’re not sure why the old S300 air defense missiles delivered by Russia to Syria end of last year, which were bought and paid in full by Syria in 2010, are ineffective or not yet operational if they were actually effective? Although, Russia is offering everybody else the more advanced, they say, S400 air defense systems, including to all Syria’s and Russia’s own enemies like NATO member state Turkey, NATO lackeys Qatar, Saudi Arabia, all three of them are state-sponsors of terror by their own confessions and other states.

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  1. falcemartello

    Patience is a virtue. Hot heads will get us no where.
    PUnto Uno : IRGC is now like Hezbullah become targest of pax-americana(anglo-zionist)
    Punto Due: anglo-zionist need perpetual war in order to continue their PONZI scheme (racket)
    The real semites have never left and still populate their native lands from the the levant all the way to the Jordan river and are inhabiting the whole AREA.
    Salidin the Great has only gone dormant and Syria/Damascus will go down in history as the Stalingrad of pan -arabism and Palestinian liberty and self determination
    Punto Tre the colonial outpost known as Israel is imploding and the anglo-zionist r losing the control of the narrative.


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