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Israel Assassinates Syrian Scientist and ISIS Kills a Syrian Science Student the Same Day

Syria scientist martyr Scientist Aziz Isber and Martyr Muhannad Abu Ammar Assassinated by Israel and ISIS

Israel’s dirty hands managed to finally assassinate one more highly intelligent Syrian scientist, this is a new crime added to the Israeli record of similar crimes in draining the Syrian brains in particular, and all other brains not working for its evil existing worldwide.

Dr. Aziz Isber, the Director of the Scientist Research Center in Masyaf, Hama, was assassinated by an IED that blew up with his vehicle killing him and his driver. This is a targeted assassination using local agents from the ‘Moderate Opposition’, the US and its minions sponsor in Syria.

Martyr Aziz Isber’s Research Center in Masyaf was bombed by Israel less than 2 week ago using Lebanese airspace and coming through mountain to avoid detection by Syrian outdated radars, since the Russians didn’t provide Syria with the 4 decades old S300 air defense system, even though they’re offering the S400 more advanced system to everybody else including all of Syria’s foes and Russia’s foes in NATO as well.

A scientist specialized in quantum physics, a true rocket expert Martyr Aziz Isber founded a new way to fuel rockets with solid fuel in phases in order to reach furthest destinations.

The Israelis are celebrating their new ‘achievement’ in killing a scientist through local agents after succeeding in killing 3 other rocket scientists at least in Tunisia, Malaysia and in Iran.

Israeli scientists have the right to feel secure as there are no criminal subhumans anywhere else in the world who would target a scientist. But for sure this crime, and previous crimes would not go without a hefty punishment, as never been the case before, we don’t brag about our achievements, Israel always hides its losses, but they can’t hide forever.

Martyr Aziz Isber was assassinated by Israel the same day ISIS slaughtered a student of another research center in Syria. Muhannad Abu Ammar, 19 years old, was among the civilians kidnapped by ISIS during their latest massacre attack on the villages and city of Sweida south of Syria. He was a university student in the Science Research college.

Is it a coincidence that Syria’s FSAModerate Rebels’ and what branched out of them like ISIS and Nusra Front targeted Syrian academics, scientists, professors and research students in the same way Israel is targeting Syria’s brains?

The first assassination during the Syrian crisis was the killing of Scientist Issa Abboud in Homs on 18 April 2011. We’ve reported a number of other scientists assassinated and were targets of assassination attempts on our site.

International law will not hold Israel accountable as long as it’s protected by the US, UK and other NATO members who also protect war criminals like George W. Bush, Tony Blaire, Collin Powel, and others. But that doesn’t mean they will not get punished in this life and the life hereafter.

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