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Field News from Quneitra – Hama – Aleppo, Syria April 11, 2019

Erdogan Terrorists Nusra Front Idlib - Aleppo - hama - Syria

Three children martyred today and a fourth was injured when a land mine blew up in the village of Khan Arnabeh, Quneitra countryside southwest of Syria bordering the occupied Golan.

The landmine was planted by US-sponsored terrorists and the landmine maps were never handed over to the Syrian authorities.

Most of the landmines were planted by the terrorists upon their defeat and as they were evicted from the areas they control by the Syrian Arab Army. The terrorists also booby-trapped children toys, building entrances, furniture and many items that could be used by the civilians returning to their homes.

The three children bodies were full of shrapnel, the fourth was treated by the local hospital and transferred to a hospital in Damascus for further treatment.

Many civilians, especially farmers and villagers in many towns newly cleaned from terror all over the country, fell victims to landmines planted by the ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘moderate rebels’ sent to Syria to ‘democratize’ it and help its people, as per the lies and false propaganda by the US and its cronies.

Meanwhile, Erdogan thugs from Nusra Front terrorist organization (al-Qaeda Levant) continue to breach the de-escalation zone agreement signed by their leader the Ottoman Caliph wannabe, who breached his own commitments in the areas bordering Idlib province.

A group of the Nusra Front tried to infiltrate the villages secured by the Syrian Arab Army from their positions near the town of Morek in Hama’s northern countryside bordering Idlib’s southern countryside not far from Khan Sheikhoun, the group was spotted and the SAA unit operating in the area targeted this group and eliminated it.

Herds of Nusra Front were eliminated yesterday by the Syrian Arab Army at the outskirts of Janabrah village, in Hama northern countryside, and in Taman’a in Idlib’s southern countryside. The terrorists breached the Idlib Agreement their guarantor signed.

Residential neighborhoods in Zahra town, Aleppo’s northern countryside, was targeted yesterday as well by terrorists from their dens in the city of Bayanon.

The terrorists fired two missiles at the citizens’ houses causing material damage in the properties, luckily no casualties among the residents. This is also another failure by Erdogan to commit to his own obligations as per the Idlib Agreement.

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