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Idlib: Why is Arkansas Charity Painting Little Syrian Girls in Garish Make-up?

An Arkansas charity ‘connected’ to Idlib — “the largest al Qaeda haven since 9/11″ —  has chosen the time of ongoing reports on convicted sex offender Epstein, and his buddy, Prince Andrew, to weirdly tweet about its strange cosmetology school whose students were tested on “makeup and skincare” products using very young, very little, Syrian girls. This tweet appears to be really stupid marketing that can be construed as something nefarious, given the current climate on sex trafficking.

Surely, it is a marvelous thing, that a cosmetology school was created in a region where al Qaeda forces all Syrian women into niqab, and all foreign illegal women reporters into hijab and formless garb that shows no leg skin, a region where al Qaeda only permits women and girls to be seen for kidnappings, public executions, or attractive teen girl fraud photo ops for western viewing.

The dot com website of the Wisdom House Project is a bit of a scattered mess that is difficult to navigate. It does claim to have funded a school named “Tomorrow’s Dawn,” which offers courses “including nursing/first aid, cosmetology, jewelry making, home economics, English, Arabic, and we even have a theatre troupe!”. It gives no details on any of these courses (nursing requires a minimum of one year of education, in an accredited school). Photos of the “theatre troupe!” would be a nice addition. Unfortunately, the only news of the cosmetology studies comes from its twitter account, posted on 19 November 2019.

Lest some saner thought prevail, that these days of Epstein and Andrew might lead viewers to misconstrue what might be some derelict innocence in turning the faces of little girls into caricatures made for the sadoerotic pleasure of deviants who sexually abuse children, and remove the chilling tweet, we embed the tweet’s photos, in the sincere hope that such a mistake might not happen again.

WisdomHseSyria Tweet Idlib Children Make up
Wisdom House Project cosmetology students were “tested” on their make-up and skincare products prowess, on very little Syrian girls, in al Qaeda occupied Idlib. These results should have flunked both of them.
WisdomHseSyria Tweet Idlib Children Make up
Why does this student not practice on an age-appropriate woman?

WisdomHseSyria Tweet Idlib Children Make up
In the previous photo, we cannot see who is under the niqab. Though we also cannot see here, these “man hands” are unmistakable, making the surrealism of the strange class, chilling.
WisdomHseSyria Tweet Idlib Children Make up
WisdomHseSyria Tweet Idlib Children Make up
The results of the cosmetology study of the school funded by a group whose mailing address is in Little Rock, Arkansas. How did no one notice that this looks like what is euphemistically called “soft kiddie porn”?

The ”Wisdom House Project” website states its “working group based in Conway, Arkansas works directly with the Syrian Emergency Task Force to connect our communities to our beneficiaries [how do these little girls benefit?] and team on the ground.”

At this writing, the ‘donate’ button does not work, thought the 501(c) tax-exempted “charity” of the ”Task Force” does. Perhaps all charitable funding from supporters of Wisdom House are supposed to go through this source.

The SETF was founded to coincide with the NATO Spring inflicted on the Syrian Arab Republic, and its citizenry (and also its little girls?), in 2011. Its executive director is Mouaz Moustafa, the man who smuggled American illegal, Sen. John McCain, into Syria, to meet with kidnappers of Lebanese pilgrims, and other criminals, May 2013.

American Foreign Terrorist and illegal alien McCain meets with kidnappers and other terrorists. To his right is FSA/JaN terrorist Idriss. Moustafa, next to Idriss.

Moustafa, now 34, Palestinian born in Damascus, came to the US at the age of 12. Prior to heading the SETF, he was the Executive Director of the Libyan Council of North America, despite not being Libyan. Prior, still, he worked as an intern to Democratic Congressman Vic Snyder and as a staffer to former Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln, who, upon her retirement from Capitol Hill, was hired by Monsanto. Moustafa enjoys lecturing on the Qatari-sponsored fake Caesar Exhibit, and enjoys spear-fishing in Belize.

Crimes against peace rewarded with spear-fishing in Belize

The SETF has a very impressive board, which includes members affiliated with other 501(c) charities, including SAMS former Executive Director, Zaher Sahloul. Elizabeth O’Bagy — whose ‘work’ on Syria was cited by SoS John Kerry, Sen. John McCain, and various media — served as its political director until 2013, around the time she was forced to resign from the also 501(c) charity, the Institute for the Study of War, for lying about a non-existent doctorate degree, after which she was hired by Mouaz’ friend, McCain (ISW is reported to have funding from defense industry sources, which cannot be confirmed as the link to its corporate donors has been broken for some time.).

Also in 2013, the SETF was involved in lobbying Congress to enjoy the “rare opportunity” to bomb Syria.

Coalition for a Democratic Syria calls on US Congress to approve bombing Syria..!

It is unfortunate that this stellar advisory board did not advise the Wisdom House Project group against tweeting photos of little made-up Syrian girls, that could possibly be misconstrued as cryptic advertising for sexual degenerates.

“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali

Miri Wood

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