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NATO Terrorists Bomb Aleppo; 6 Murdered, 35 Injured

NATO terrorists bomb residential neighborhoods in aleppo killing dozens of civilians

While egocentric westerners remain rapt in the Trump impeachment Schitt Show, their taxes were used to murder civilians in Aleppo.

The neighborhoods of al A’zamiyeh, al Jamiliyah, Aleppo al-Jadida, Seif al Dawla, and Salah Eddin were hit in coordinated ground-to-ground bombings Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, Damascus time. At least 35 persons were injured. The wounded were all rushed to al Razi Hospital. 

dozens killed by Erdogan terrorists bombing in Aleppo

These savage bombings were yet another breach in a long series of breaches in the Erdogan-guaranteed de-escalation zone, the terrorists are bragging they killed dozens more than they did, their blood-lust being insatiable.

The material damage in properties and vehicles was huge due to this latest bombing, keep in mind that no insurance company would cover the loss in the properties due to such terror acts, let alone the ability of the victims to afford any sort of insurance. Healthcare is provided by the state for free, so at least one thing is covered. The state does its best to help in repairs of the damaged properties and cars, it’s still overwhelming especially with the western illegally imposed sanctions on Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army returned fire to the sources of the attacks, targeting terrorist positions especially in the area of al Rashidin, still controlled by Jabhat al Nusra and other al Qaeda affiliates. Al Rashidin was the scene of mass carnage, 15 April 2017, after Qatar had guaranteed the exchange of captive Syrians of Fouaa and Kafraya — mostly women and their children –for an undisclosed number of arrested terrorists.


The carnage was so immense — upwards of 140 were slaughtered — that NATO media had to give it some coverage; the entourage went with a fake hero story, glorifying a White Helmets affiliated photographer who put down his camera in order to be photographed carrying a child’s body, and then collapsing to the ground in abject bathos.

femicide Great ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed noted, before fake hero dramatically falls to his knees.
Great ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed noted before the fake hero dramatically falls to his knees.

NATO media neglected to mention that dozens of Syrian children were kidnapped during the ensuing confusion and that the families issued a statement holding “Ahrar al-Sham, Nusra, Qatar, and Turkey responsible” for the massacre and kidnappings.

At this writing, no medium has reported on the terrorist bombings of these Aleppo neighborhoods. Let us not forget the pathological concern western media had for the al Qaeda occupiers of the eastern part of this city, prior to its liberation and reunification. Let us be mindful that these same media have remained silent in the many terror attacks against the people of Aleppo, since its liberation.

Let us also never forget that these weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens.

Miri Wood


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