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How Bad is Reuters on Syria? Very Bad!

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Reuters is an important element in the hands of the anti-Syria camp, it feeds most news outlets as one of the main and essential sources of news. It has an extraordinary responsibility due to that role to report unbiased news professionaly; has it succeeded in that?

The Syrian Crisis as we Syrians call it and the longetivity of the continuous coverage has managed to deface the ugly faces of who we also call the ‘Humanitarian Bastards’. They are the hypocrites warmongering for humanitarian relief.

NATO and its Zionist masters could have destroyed Syria and got away with it just like how they did every elsewhere they visited, and the Western media would have helped whitewash their crimes as usual if it wasn’t for the heavy sacrifices and resilience of the Syrian people, their political leadership and above all their legendary Syrian Arab Army.

The hypocrites had to take off their masks and play their dirty games above the table in the Syrian case, their cards became known and their tricks and tools are exposed, thanks to Syria no other country will fall easy in the hands of the Zionists ad their monetary banking systems, countries targeted can benefit now from the Syrian experience and fight back.

One of the main tools used in wars is the media, and this is not an exception in Syria, the media was exhausted all over the world to shape the public opinion against the Syrian leadership and the Syrian Arab Army, billions of dollars spent and thousands of hours were consumed in this regards, luckily in vain because the Syrians didn’t only win the military battle on the ground, but also managed to strip the fig leaf off the evil parties.

International media outlets, pan Arab news stations, and even regional and local news providers failed with their given tasks to demonize then destroy their targets in Syria despite the huge unprecedented production of all sorts of visual, audio and written news reports. One of those sources that exposed itself as a tool in the hands of the evil is Reuters.

We’re not going to make a lengthy analysis now about its dirty work, we’ve done similar work in the past and others have also studied this case and presented their results. We will just show 3 intentional mistakes in 3 paragraphs in a most recent post by Reuters, where the news providing agency tries to whitewash ISIS from a massacre they committed and tries to continue with its disinformation of the Western public.

image- Bad Reuters
Bad Reuters

As you can see, the above is a screenshot from an article by Reuters titled ‘Russian bombs take toll in Syria as Islamic State under pressure‘ and we highlighted 3 items in it to show how dangerous the role this agency is playing to help NATO and their subhuman armies of terrorists in their goal to destroy Syria.

  1. By now everybody following the Syrian Crisis must have read about the so called ‘the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ or SOHR based in London. Here Reuters claim it’s a ‘group’ to give it some kind of legitimacy while in so many studies done by independent and trusted journalists it was found to be a one man show run from a suburb in London and gathering its information from western intelligence agencies.
  2. Reuters tells us that ‘the ISIS fighters (note they don’t call them terrorists) have killed scores of government loyalists in Der Ezzor. Referring to the horrible massacre committed against women and children only killing almost 300 of them in cold blood in retaliation to a failed massive attack by the terrorist group on several fronts in the city against Syrian Arab Army posts. Check it here.
  3. A big contradiction in this example when describing the anti-Islamic Islamist terrorists by having a ‘Syrian national agenda’ first by implying they’re Syrians where we all know that the vast majority of terrorists in Syria are NOT Syrians, second by claiming Islamist care for national countries where in the core ideology of these terrorists there’s no political borders among Muslim countries or countries with Muslim populations.

As you can see in such a small part of one of their posts, they tend to put as much misinformation to justify their agenda and whitewash the criminals from their heinous crimes.

You can analyze yourself each time you read a post by Reuters, or any other western news outlet and just apply logic, common sense and what the recent past has taught us in such coverages like the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq for instance. You will be shocked with the amount of fabrication you can discover by yourself.

WMDs Weapons of Mass Deception
Corporate Media: WMDs Weapons of Mass Deception
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  1. Ayietim

    I can imagine whar it feels like for those on the ground to see that what is being reported by those far removed from the scene, is not the fact. However, those who have access to facts, have various media options to state their side of the story, so that the reading public can have a fair knowledge of what is happening.


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