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Heavy Clashes between the Syrian Arab Army and Erdogan Forces in Ras Al-Ain

Syrian Arab Army SAA - File photo - الجيش العربي السوري

The heavy clashes were reported by the Syrian News Agency SANA which stated it occurred in Tal Al-Ward town in the countryside of the border city of Ras Al-Ain northeast of Syria.

SANA didn’t elaborate on the clashes, Russian Military Police patrols are not far from the area and the Turkish acts are against all their agreements with the Russian side.

The Syrian state still hopes the separatist Kurdish militias would drop their agenda and return to be normal citizens, the Ministry of Defense called on members of the SDF to Join the SAA to Face the Turkish aggression

image-Emblem of the Syrian Armed Forces
Emblem of the Syrian Armed Forces

The call comes as the last reminder to the dissolved separatist militia, which due to its separatist agenda is largely responsible for the current Turkish aggression and for the increased presence of the US occupation forces, and also responsible massive losses in revenues from oil and wheat for the state and for the people.

The Ministry of Interior has also called on those from the so-called Assayish, the SDF security thugs, who would like to join the Syrian police forces where they’ll be rehabilitated and can join establish safety and security in the northeast of the country.

Despite all the latest developments and the agreement by the separatist Kurds to give up their posts to the Syrian Arab Army, many of them are still betting on the US and Israel to return to aid them to Israelize large swaths of Syrian land which was under their occupation.

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