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Highlights from President Bashar Al-Assad’s Interview 31 October 2019

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad interview with Syria TV

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad conducted an interview with two Syrian TV channels addressing a number of pressing topics especially with the latest developments on all levels including the military situation, the economy, and the political process in regards to presidential and parliamentary elections, and the Syrian constitution.

The interview will be aired this evening October 31, 2019, at 9 pm Damascus local time and will be broadcasted by a number of media outlets.

President Assad answered the pressing questions on the minds of each Syrian citizen, which as he repeatedly said is what essentially matters to him.

The following promo video is from the interview:

The video is also available on BitChute:

The following questions are among the questions Dr. Assad answered:

What role did Syria play in the killing of al-Baghdadi?

What is the problem with the Kurds and what is Syria’s position on the Russian-Turkish agreement?

How will the state deal with those who have been for years in areas outside the control of the Syrian state?

Are there previous or future Syrian-Turkish meetings at any level?

What did President Assad say about the date of the Idlib battle? And what message did he want from his visit to the Lines of Fire?

Is there international supervision of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections? Will the Syrian constitution change?

What is President Assad’s opinion on the performance of the Syrian government regarding the living situation?

What are the procedures of the Syrian state regarding the rise of the dollar against the Syrian Lira?

Has the anti-corruption campaign started in Syria? What is the role of the media in it?

On these and other headlines, President Bashar al-Assad of the Syrian Arab Republic in a special dialogue with the Syrian Main TV channel and the Syrian Ikhbariya News channel you will follow it on Thursday at 9 pm Damascus time

There were a number of strategic developments in the past few weeks, especially in the past few days that will affect the future of Syria and will draw the conclusion of the 8.5 years War of Terror waged by the USA and its armies of terrorists in uniforms and proxies on all fronts. Not the least of these developments was NATO’s direct military illegal invasion by its member states Turkey and the USA, the ever-increasing pressure on the Syrian economy and the unprecedented draconian sanctions against the Syrian people, the start of the work of the committee that will discuss possible amendments to the Syrian constitution, and the battle of Idlib.

The best source to get straight and compelling answers is from the man himself, who the entire west and their region proxies spent hundreds of billions of dollars to topple and to do so has shown their real ugly hypocrite face to the entire world in an irreversible manner.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    The whole world is going down. Judaic cabal monetary system is a lethal incurable cancer metastasized thru every country on earth…
    Will Syria survive?

    • Arabi Souri

      All countries with currencies not pegged to the US dollar and not dependant on the US for food will survive.
      More than 8.5 years of the worst war of terror led by NATO and their regional stooges against Syria and it’s the only country in the region and beyond that has a zero public debt annual budget, we way from what we plant, wear from what we sew, and drink what we brew. That’s one of the reasons they’re attacking us continuously and viciously, the lastest years with terror and military but Syria is under gradual sanctions since 1956 until this year reaching the ultimate they can, if you want.

  2. WKZ

    Syria in the next 10 years will have an Economic Boom that will attract investors and rebuild all the destroyed areas of the country, where mass migration from too expensive countries cannot be excluded, where Syria being a low cost country will be the destination of many individuals (also Europeans) in search of a better life, also because Syria will need the money of tourism to counteract the economic blockade imposed by Western countries as well as many investments from friendly countries.


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