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Syria: Happened Just Before the Chemical Craze

UK Foreign Secretary William J. Hague

The Syrian Arab Army fights unwinnable battles and winning it. Partly quoting a UK journalist. Urban warfare are the most difficult battles between armed forces, especially if one of the sides is desperate to preserve the cities.

That’s between two traditional armed forces or more. In Boston, a city of 5 million residents, was locked indoors for 24 hours when all of US security forces using the latest in technology and weaponary, added to it the spying on own citizens by the Obama regime, were pursuing an ‘allegedly armed suspect’ in the Boston bombing, which also occurred with a cooking pot!

Comparing with Syria where not an ‘alleged’ loose ‘suspect’ is pursued by the police, rather tens of thousands of highly trained terrorists, armed to their teeth with the most advanced weapons provided by NATO member states and paid for and smuggled in by NATO regional stooges, most of these tens of thousands of terrorists are suicide bombers, the vast majority of them are foreigners and don’t care who get killed especially they consider them infidels for not joining them, and yet the SAA is fighting them and winning, true at a very high cost, but it’s an unwinnable war and the Syrians are winning it.

The use of the chemical weapons false flag was always there since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, several attempts failed before after proving it’s either been used by western sponsored terrorists, or was about to be used by them to commit a wide scale crime and blame it on the Syrian Arab Army. But what’s different this time?

All over Syria, NATO sponosored Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists are losing ground, losing hearts and minds of locals deceived with them in the beginning, and their entire project is falling apart, especially after Al-Qussayr battle. The agents need help from outside, Israel tried its luck against SAA and research targets in Jamraya and Mount Qassiyoun near Damascus, in Latakia and helping its supposedly enemies who are fighting the Syrian ‘regime for not fighting Israel for 40 years’ in treating their wounded and even entering the battles directly in the Golan Heights. Yet, still the Syrians are winning.

Chemical attacks were definitely planned against residential neighborhoods all over Syria, but just days before the recent attack the Jordanian PM declared his country is ready for all the Syrian crisis scenarios including a chemical attack! He knew of escalating scenarios even though the terrorists were losing ground especially in Ghouta around Damascus, but what he knew better is the elite groups from foreign countries led by officers from USA & Israel were smuggled by Jordan into Damascus countryside, known as Ghouta, to plan for the biggest offensive against the Syrian capital.

Syria: Damascus and its countryside.
Syria: Damascus and its countryside.

Hundreds of highly trained terrorists with their foreign trainers and commanders near Damascus, thousands of others, our sources estimate them between 6,000 and 6,500 terrorist including a number of suicide bombers driving vehicles loaded with tons of highly explosive charge each to open gates for the invading mercenaries, these are coming from different concentration areas they hide in from north, north east and south of Damascus.

The plan to have a Saudi suicide bomber with the biggest explosive charge go first to pave the way for smaller number of suicide bombers followed by the herds of thousands of mercenaries will chunk out large parts of the capital and start targeting a bank of specific locations including government facilities, main roads, electricity power stations, police, army and security buildings, just like a full out war and take the capital within a day or two. An evil plan which supposed to succeed if it wasn’t for a few angels telling the SAA some details.

Syrian leadership following some leads, listening to communications and monitoring the ground put a strict plan to contain the influx of terrorists by leading them through a compulsary passage directly into a burning field where Syrian Airforce with heavy artillery from the ground will take care of the large numbers with their vehicles, then an elite group of Republican Guards split into smaller numbers of units will finish what’s left on the ground. This plan worked.

The number of terrorists’ bodies counted were between 4,000 and 4,700 as many were in pieces and it was one of the several terrorist mincing operations in Syria. SAA managed to arrest a large number of the terrorists and sent them for interrogation and continued cleansing the Ghouta when the chemical craze occurred. The rest is with you.

US with its stooges is escalating the language against Syria, with the French foreing minister insists it was the SAA behind the chemical attack, British foreign minister Hague who is supposed to be at the Hague since a long time now, also insisted that it was Assad behind the attack without providing any evidence to back his claim except his words. Saudi criers for democracy in Syria also pushed all their media to play in that line. All just to rip the joy from Syrians for this latest win and to cover for the loss.

Stupid Wahhabi fighters immune from thinking cannot see their masters are pushing them to the end in order to keep the pressure on Syrian state for any gain in the future, and to preserve any face whatsoever after the west lost all its faces, so the Wahhabi fighters continue to fight, kill and get killed for Uncle Sam and the ‘Jewish State of Israel’. Only Syrians are paying the highest price in huge losses in lives among civilians and armed forces and in their infrastructure because their leadership is still at their decision to ‘withstand the aggression’.

Seriously, we have no idea why the Syrian leadership insists till date on not showing the killed terrorists or prosecuting the arrested ones publicly and executing them publicly. This would help in the media war the Syrian media proved to be the weakest throughout this crisis.

‘Syrian martyrs do not fall, they rise to the highest skies and their memory will be eternal’

SAA Soldier
SAA Soldiers

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  1. mma

    That’s too serious, but I can’t spot a second report of this on the net. But its too big to stay hidden if its true. It can also be really helpful for the syrian side media war.

    Can anyone provide more ref’s / links about this event?


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