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alnusra proudly announces execution badr ghazal


AlNusra Front, an FSA group, executed the kidnapped Sheikh Badr Ghazal in Latakia’s countryside.

The group had released photos of the murder through various FSA & Jihadists websites.

The “operation” was described as revenge for the massacre in Eastern Ghouta, and was announced in statement # 375.

The body of the Sheikh showed several stabbing wounds, which indicates he was toyed with by his murderers before of the actual execution.


Sheikh Badr was attacked and kidnapped from his own home with over 150 civilian by the proud Jihadists on 4/8/2013, and taken to an unknown destination. There was talk of negotiation for his release.

The fate of the other hostages, mostly women and children is still unknown. This video that shows the hostages a few days after the kidnapping, was the only one released.

FSA’s victories against civilians in Latakia countryside, even the wiping of and subsequent burning of entire villages gained the opposition leaders admiration from the first bloody days. The first days that marked the murder of hundreds mostly women, children and elderly. Until now over 200 of the massacre victims were found and buried and still bodies are being discovered.

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  1. Rahma

    Rebels claim that Badr Ghazal is responsible for a massacre in Banyias. But that´s not true, they mix him up with his cousin Moffawaq Ghazal.


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