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Angry Defeated Syrian Opposition Unleash Its Hatred

flatbed vehicle with machine gun

With the UNSC taking claims from the inflated criminal Syrian Opposition seriously and asking the UN investigation team to investigate in the new alleged attack with chemical weapons in Damascus countryside yesterday, the collection of criminals working under the umbrella of the Syrian Oppositions abroad insisted on showing their real ugly faces.

I’ll not discuss the coincidence of the chemical attack in Damascus with the starting of the UN team starting their investigations in the attack on Khan Al Asal north of Aleppo on 15 March 2013, and I’ll not discuss the immediate western officials and the corporate media craze in pressing to open specific weapons depots near Damascus and will leave that to the Syrian officials to handle as they proved to have more patience in playing with time, I’ll just count a few crimes committed across the country by the criminal freaks imported from all sides of the world by the CIA & allies against Syrians to cover their crimes with further crimes.

A strategy that proved to always work as their sponsors in the White House and in the evil 10 Downing Street and not to forget of course in the ‘Chumps’-Élysées, are always there to assist in killing.

Cannibal Wahhabi Sex Jihadist Will Mix Chemical Agents

450 Kurdish human being slaughtered by ‘freedom fighters’ for not being Wahhabis with lice infected messy beards.

The killing of dozens of civilians in Latakia countryside by ‘freedom fighters’ smuggled into the mountainous region by fanatic Muslim Brotherhood Turkish Erdoğan after the discoveries of mass graves.

The kidnapping of tens of women, raping, humiliating, forcing them to walk naked among crowds of lice-infected messy bearded Wahhabi apes before slaughtering them.

Among much more we covered in the past few days, today came with some further dreadful news highlighted below, I repeat: some:

A suicide bomber detonates himself near Tomah military checkpoint in Zamalka, Damascus eastern countryside, no info on casualties yet.

Nusra Front, the leading Free Syrian Army group, carried out a coordinated series of attacks against Syrian Arab Army checkpoints in Khan Shih, south of Damascus. Such coordinated attacks by these death squads can only be carried out with advanced intel and logistics, guess by who?!

The main international highway connecting Damascus with the north near Harasta, the small city to the north of the capital, remains closed due to heavy sniping by ‘freedom fighters’. They don’t spare any car including passenger buses.

14 rounds of mortar shells were fired at the capital in order to ‘democratize’ the following neighborhoods:

  • 2 mortar shells fired at upscale Malki neighborhood in the morning resulting in material damage.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at George Khouri square in eastern Damascus, near Bab Touma, resulting in an injury of a non-lice-infected bearded civilian.
  • Several shells fired at Zablatani district, the district hosts a number of public facilities, the main vegetable and fruits market and residential blocks. A number of civilians were injured.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at Al-Qussour pure residential neighborhood resulting in material damage.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at Ghassani pure residential neighborhood resulting in material damage.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at Abbasid square resulting in the martyrdom of a lady and the injury of a number of civilians.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at the center of Old Damascus, the place known for its famous ruins and invaluable historical sites, resulting in the martyrdom of another lady and the injury of a child.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at the state owned Syronics factory which produces high-tech television sets, telephone devices and other peripherals. The mortar shell resulted in the injury of 3 civilians who happend to be near the building.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at the Damascus International Airport road near the first bridge resulting in the martyrdom of a civilian.
  • 3 mortar shells fired at Dummar residential district with material damages.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at upscale Abu Rummaneh, which beside being a residential district it hosts a number of foreign embassies, the Saudi one is spared from such indiscriminate shells, don’t worry. The shelling resulted with material damage.

The above were few of the attacks in and around Damascus alone, ‘freedom fighters’ sponsored by NATO don’t stop their attacks in the whole country attacking the civilians and destroying the infrastructure, because they cannot live in civilized environment, it should be tents and holes in mountains and in the ground, just like the places they came from.

One of the attacks targeted the main electricity power station in Ras Al Ain, Hasakeh province, far north of Syria near Erdoğan’s country. The shelling attack with rockets resulted in disabling the station cutting the electricity from several parts of the city and around, large material damage in the electricity condensers and cables. Electricity workers immediately started the repair attempts. They are ones of the hidden soldiers, usually the main target of ‘freedom fighters’ snipers because they bring light to the people instead of the dark evil Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists sent by Obama, Cameron, Hollande and stooges with US, UK, French citizens tax money, in addition to the price of oil and gas of many other countries like Saudi & Qatar (pronounced ‘Gutter’), to ‘democratize’ Syria because its people are ‘oppressed’ by a leader who is ‘killing his own people’ using his own people to do so..! And the biggest crime against humanity in our century thus far continues.

As I’m writing this, news came in from Aleppo, an Obama sponsored suicide bomber from the FSA blew himself up in Mogambo neighborhood inside a crowded restaurant killing 10 civilians and injuring dozens more. Among the martyrs is Hassan Mhanna, Syrian Ikhbariya (News TV) Channel reporter in Aleppo. The victims inside the restaurant were celebrating the success of a high school student Mariah Rabih by her family, she got the full marks of the scientific section of the most difficult high school curriculum in the entire region.

UK Foreign Secretary William J. Hague


  1. AleviKurdPKK

    Those wahahahabi/salafist creepers are realy so ridicilous barbaric unhuman you even can it see shining from their faces ,they look like demons of the helll ,a lot of evil shines from their eyes and they are it.
    They turn the world in to a hell to deserve the paradise that God will give them ,is their idealogy, someone understand that?
    Which profeet or God demands (child)rapings,murder,decapitatings.blewing up mosques,kill humans of your religion or other religions,killing ppl only of their religion or ideas or terrorizing peacefull well doing countries and bring chaos ,not in the Tora not in the Bible and not in the believe those evil wahabi rats in a God,we must erase their ideas and them completly.


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