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Angry Defeated Syrian Opposition Unleash Its Hatred

flatbed vehicle with machine gun

With the UNSC taking claims from the inflated criminal Syrian Opposition seriously and asking the UN investigation team to investigate in the new alleged attack with chemical weapons in Damascus countryside yesterday, the collection of criminals working under the umbrella of the Syrian Oppositions abroad insisted on showing their real ugly faces.

I’ll not discuss the coincidence of the chemical attack in Damascus with the starting of the UN team starting their investigations in the attack on Khan Al Asal north of Aleppo on 15 March 2013, and I’ll not discuss the immediate western officials and the corporate media craze in pressing to open specific weapons depots near Damascus and will leave that to the Syrian officials to handle as they proved to have more patience in playing with time, I’ll just count a few crimes committed across the country by the criminal freaks imported from all sides of the world by the CIA & allies against Syrians to cover their crimes with further crimes.

A strategy that proved to always work as their sponsors in the White House and in the evil 10 Downing Street and not to forget of course in the ‘Chumps’-Élysées, are always there to assist in killing.

Cannibal Wahhabi Sex Jihadist Will Mix Chemical Agents

450 Kurdish human being slaughtered by ‘freedom fighters’ for not being Wahhabis with lice infected messy beards.

The killing of dozens of civilians in Latakia countryside by ‘freedom fighters’ smuggled into the mountainous region by fanatic Muslim Brotherhood Turkish Erdoğan after the discoveries of mass graves.

The kidnapping of tens of women, raping, humiliating, forcing them to walk naked among crowds of lice-infected messy bearded Wahhabi apes before slaughtering them.

Among much more we covered in the past few days, today came with some further dreadful news highlighted below, I repeat: some:

A suicide bomber detonates himself near Tomah military checkpoint in Zamalka, Damascus eastern countryside, no info on casualties yet.

Nusra Front, the leading Free Syrian Army group, carried out a coordinated series of attacks against Syrian Arab Army checkpoints in Khan Shih, south of Damascus. Such coordinated attacks by these death squads can only be carried out with advanced intel and logistics, guess by who?!

The main international highway connecting Damascus with the north near Harasta, the small city to the north of the capital, remains closed due to heavy sniping by ‘freedom fighters’. They don’t spare any car including passenger buses.

14 rounds of mortar shells were fired at the capital in order to ‘democratize’ the following neighborhoods:

  • 2 mortar shells fired at upscale Malki neighborhood in the morning resulting in material damage.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at George Khouri square in eastern Damascus, near Bab Touma, resulting in an injury of a non-lice-infected bearded civilian.
  • Several shells fired at Zablatani district, the district hosts a number of public facilities, the main vegetable and fruits market and residential blocks. A number of civilians were injured.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at Al-Qussour pure residential neighborhood resulting in material damage.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at Ghassani pure residential neighborhood resulting in material damage.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at Abbasid square resulting in the martyrdom of a lady and the injury of a number of civilians.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at the center of Old Damascus, the place known for its famous ruins and invaluable historical sites, resulting in the martyrdom of another lady and the injury of a child.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at the state owned Syronics factory which produces high-tech television sets, telephone devices and other peripherals. The mortar shell resulted in the injury of 3 civilians who happend to be near the building.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at the Damascus International Airport road near the first bridge resulting in the martyrdom of a civilian.
  • 3 mortar shells fired at Dummar residential district with material damages.
  • 1 mortar shell fired at upscale Abu Rummaneh, which beside being a residential district it hosts a number of foreign embassies, the Saudi one is spared from such indiscriminate shells, don’t worry. The shelling resulted with material damage.

The above were few of the attacks in and around Damascus alone, ‘freedom fighters’ sponsored by NATO don’t stop their attacks in the whole country attacking the civilians and destroying the infrastructure, because they cannot live in civilized environment, it should be tents and holes in mountains and in the ground, just like the places they came from.

One of the attacks targeted the main electricity power station in Ras Al Ain, Hasakeh province, far north of Syria near Erdoğan’s country. The shelling attack with rockets resulted in disabling the station cutting the electricity from several parts of the city and around, large material damage in the electricity condensers and cables. Electricity workers immediately started the repair attempts. They are ones of the hidden soldiers, usually the main target of ‘freedom fighters’ snipers because they bring light to the people instead of the dark evil Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists sent by Obama, Cameron, Hollande and stooges with US, UK, French citizens tax money, in addition to the price of oil and gas of many other countries like Saudi & Qatar (pronounced ‘Gutter’), to ‘democratize’ Syria because its people are ‘oppressed’ by a leader who is ‘killing his own people’ using his own people to do so..! And the biggest crime against humanity in our century thus far continues.

As I’m writing this, news came in from Aleppo, an Obama sponsored suicide bomber from the FSA blew himself up in Mogambo neighborhood inside a crowded restaurant killing 10 civilians and injuring dozens more. Among the martyrs is Hassan Mhanna, Syrian Ikhbariya (News TV) Channel reporter in Aleppo. The victims inside the restaurant were celebrating the success of a high school student Mariah Rabih by her family, she got the full marks of the scientific section of the most difficult high school curriculum in the entire region.

UK Foreign Secretary William J. Hague

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  1. Dawn Elise

    We repost your information and demand “U.S. hands off Syria!” in the U.S. press. Much praise to the Creator for your truthful, life-loving posts, our Syrian brother.

  2. Canthama

    Arabi, and the list goes on unfortunately. The desire from several countries to strangle Syria to the last pocket of air has no limits, the careless about Syrian dying, they want Syria with a pupet Government so their plan for the ME continues. I have the feeling that this time their plan will not work, thanks to SAA and some help from countries and organization that support Syria. Time is in favor to Syria, more countries are starting to condemn the support to terrorists and soon a great majority in the UN will finally say “enough is enough”. I hope and pray that this can happen sooner than latter.

    • Milint

      How many divisions does the UN Gen Sec command ? The UN is vital for relief and humanitarian aid, otherwise forget it, General Assembly has no power, Security Council rubber stamps (token cover) whenever FRUKUS prosecutes war on another member state (Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria).

      • Arklight

        A general secretary is more of a chief operating officer, charged with making sure that the bureaucracy/hierarchy of the organization runs smoothly; something-or-other general is a military post. Most people don’t know the difference. The US Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer for the United States, while the Attorney General’s lawful place in at the top of the military legal structure, a military post and not an actual rank. The terms have been misused for so many years that no one pays attention any more, nor do they ask why someone who occupies a military post has authority over the FBI, etc. The Secretary General of the UN has no de facto military command, but does have, de jure, authority employ the military of the various member nations. ‘Peacekeepers’ are armed forces of selected member nations who are paid to – – well, stand around and look dangerous. Nobody is fooled by this, and combat elements of antagonist countries walk by them in order to kill people of the opponent. UN Peacekeepers count the number who cross the border going on a mission, then count the number who return – – that’s called ‘monitoring’. UN Security Council, on the rare occasions in which they agree, can send peacekeepers almost anywhere there are armed hostilities, where the peacekeepers will do nothing but keep a tally. As far as relief and humanitarian aid, I’d guess that for every dollar the UN receives for those purposes maybe a dime is actually spent for the stated purpose, and the rest disappears. When very hard pressed, and when in agreement, the UN passes resolutions condemning this or that, again with no one paying any attention. You’re right about the rubber stamp; the US is the primary money mine for the UN as far a cash contributions is concerned, but deployment of US troops or use of US military assets are also paid for by the US taxpayer, since the UN has no money of its own. The UK and the US are joined at the groin, so whatever either one wants, the UN gives, barring a veto of action. It’s all very crooked as you noted.

        • AH

          Hi Arklight! Generally it is correct what you stated ref UN deployments. The thing about standing there and watching is actually based on a “SOMA” (Status of Mission Agreement), which is then translated in to the SOPs (ROEs in US military). UN Peacekeeping forces are not peace-making forces. As for UN peacekeeping forces, you do need the consent of the warring parties after a ceasefire agreement.
          Peacemaking may still be approved, but needs, as you stated, the vote of the permanent members of the security council, etc, etc…
          Observers are not useless, particularly UN, if they are in and watching. Their reports are clear, detailed and go to up the ladder as high as deemed appropriate by the UN.
          What politicians and the politicized security council do with those reports is another story.
          What happens on a battle field without observers you see in most parts of Syria. Propaganda takes over. Accusations are so bizzare, that you cannot avoid laughing.
          Syria has not made it easy to observers of missions in past and present, but – they have always been protected (their lives) by the government. That cannot be said by the thugs of FSA & Co.
          Similar in Lebanon: Both (or all three) Israel, Hizbollah and the Lebanese Forces have tried, not to endanger the lives of UN observers, otherwise they would not be there anymore. Incidences along the Israeli/Lebanese border are reported and observed accurately if seen by the UN or investigated by the UN. Whatever Israel or Hizbollah blast out after such incidents does not always match the reality seen and documented by the UN guys.

          Well, as there were no, as some think useless, observers (military, not politicians) were on the ground in the most recent attacks, scientists have to stitch together evidence and create a scientific picture of gas or no gas attack. The carrier of a gas canister can easily be identified as homemade or professional factory made. Symptoms on patients can be established – the more the better. Directions of incoming fire established, etc, etc.

          The two problems, and I mentioned it before: The Syrian authorities’ fearful and slow response and the opposition’s attempts to twist the truth. But the truth is often very clear within microscopic detail. That to find is for the investigators.
          In Iraq, the UN scientists were able to identify the exact compounds that were burned even after meticulous cleanup by Iraqi military. You can’t hide chemical fall-out and its true origin easily, no simply wash it away.

          I just remember an incidence where an Israeli rocket hit a civilian building, purportedly killing scores… Just so much: the real circumstances had NOTHING to do with the reality on the ground that was reported by Chinese (if I remember right) and other UN observers.
          The world audience truly loves propaganda, it seems. I “hate” it.

          • Arklight

            Hey, AH – – good morning (02:36 here). CBS radio news just reported that ‘the opposition’ was providing victim tissue samples to the UN investigators for analysis. The investigation team is quartered in a 5 star hotel, about a 30 minute drive from the killing ground. If that’s true, there’s small doubt about where the horrific stench of this massacre is emanating. No way of knowing who is the source of the samples or where they were killed, but the C weapon will most assuredly be Syrian.

            I have no knowledge of your occupation in ‘a former life’, and I don’t want to know, but it’s pretty clear that you’ve been around the block a couple of times. My guess is that the inspection team will stay snuggled up to the AC and cold beer, which would be understandable. I live in the desert where dead meat left out has an unbelievably brief shelf life.

            I don’t know how broadcast news works where you are, but here in the US the straight skinney is usually broadcast one time, then never heard again, nor can it be recovered from the news service. I heard the CBS report at 02:30, and if it is broadcast again – – ever – – I’ll be astonished.
            I well remember the live feed from the attack upon the Branch Davidian complex at Waco, never to be seen again, vanished from the face of the planet, and what the camera sent out live became a figment of the watcher’s imagination. Same thing with the OKC bombing live feed. Tomorrow the ‘news’ will be that the investigation team now has victim tissue samples (no word on the supplier), yatta-yatta. If the Swiss were conducting the investigation I’d be pretty confident that any report issued would be true, accurate and complete but the UN? No. They haven’t left their hotel yet, and the trick is already gaffed.

            I do know that every solution or compound has its unique signature; I’m also very certain that the guerillas have loads of captured Syrian C weapons to pick from; what I don’t understand is why Syria thought that it needed C or B weapons in the first place, since they’re nothing but bad news for everyone connected with ’em, except the manufacturers.

            I’ll also put in my opinion that US bases in Turkey, and KSA are getting stuffed to bursting the doors with everything needed to prosecute and aggressive war. Well, at least for a while. The US, UK nor any NATO country has any money for weapons. A Tomahawk missile goes for about a million a pop out the shop door; a full load of combat munitions, plus the aircraft runs – – what? – – 50 mill? There’s just no money in ‘the West’ for fighting wars. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Eff this. I’m going to bed.

  3. helene

    these idiotic nypocritical warmongers the vague hague with the carrot up his behind elite accent the criminal brish empire and the son of a bitch wanker hollande pudding another war criminal,they would love to have a few salafists in their family home maybe making supper from their family and using chemicals on them ,victory to the brave syrian people down with the yanks and western war criminals and their cannibal moronic beasts

    • Arklight

      Hi, Helene
      A suggestion, if you don’t mind? I know that there is so much going on that’s makes ya want to just holler out loud. I’m sometimes tempted myself. It’s tempting to just type so fast that your keyboard melts, but your point gets across much better if you just take a deep breath, settle down, organize your thoughts, and lay out your position in a clear and organized post. I’m occasionally tempted to put aside the fact that I’m a guest on MK’s forum and resort to descriptive adjectives that are, at best, ‘blue’; ‘blue’ comments, of course, add nothing to the discourse and are completely superfluous. I hope to see your posts to the forum in future, and wish you well.

  4. Richard Lefew

    The U.S., UK, France’s behavior in Syria has been atrocious. I never knew how incredibly deviant, and deceitful the west could be. They are so good a create false realities, and spreading lies. They can even convince the public of the target country of their lies in many cases (ex. Iran in the early 50’s when the west convinced the Iranian public to choose the Shaw, over Mosedek..Mosedek was a true patriot and a legitimate leader, the Shaw was a U.S. puppet, but the west actually had the Iranian public believing their propaganda).

    • Arklight

      Yeah, I remember the Dutch troops leaving a post which they could not defend, had not even a pretense of air support, and from which troops had been kidnapped. In my opinion, the Dutch were purposefully left with their butts hangin’ out, in hopes that they’d be overrun, but that’s just my opinion. The governments of several countries have become wholly evil entities, for which they will pay, one way or another. Not to point fingers, but ever since we (the US) became entangled with UN, World Bank, IMF and other smaller, but no less important, associations it has been down hill, an unstoppable slide into the sewer. I tend to separate the governments from the citizenry; governments have no link to the populace anymore, and operate in complete and utter opposition to the true interests of either their people or the country. I’m an American Christian; don’t blame me for the wickedness and evil perpetrated by the government in DC; I’m probably on every ‘brown list’ the government keeps, and because I love the United States as founded; I despise the USA and the hideous creatures who are taking us into Armageddon, and have never made any secret of my stance.


    Arklight & AH agree 100% your analyses – UNIFIL/UNDOF have not/will not/are not deployed to defend against outside aggression by Israel or anyone else – when the going gets tough they run away per SOMA/ROE or whatever. Remember the “declared safe haven”in Bosnia and how the NL contingent ran away because they “were denied air cover “. The Palestinians, Lebanese, Kurds, and now Syrians can only rely on themselves. Forget Russia or Iran. Does anyone really believe that when (not if but when) FRUKUS launches SEAD in Syria from Cyprus and Turkey that these “allies” will have the guts to confront FRUKUS military on the battlefield ? Israel has just attacked PFLP positions in Lebanon. Anyone doing anything about it ? No. Sorry Syria, can’t rely on Russia or Iran.

  6. AleviKurdPKK

    Those wahahahabi/salafist creepers are realy so ridicilous barbaric unhuman you even can it see shining from their faces ,they look like demons of the helll ,a lot of evil shines from their eyes and they are it.
    They turn the world in to a hell to deserve the paradise that God will give them ,is their idealogy, someone understand that?
    Which profeet or God demands (child)rapings,murder,decapitatings.blewing up mosques,kill humans of your religion or other religions,killing ppl only of their religion or ideas or terrorizing peacefull well doing countries and bring chaos ,not in the Tora not in the Bible and not in the believe those evil wahabi rats in a God,we must erase their ideas and them completly.


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