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Syria: Mass Grave with charred Syrian citizens in Latakia

Syria: Mass Grave with charred Syrian citizens in Latakia (Source: FNA)

Syria: Mass grave found in countryside of Lattakia.

A new mass grave has been discovered in the countryside of Syria’s coastal province of Lattakia (Latakia). However, it is not yet clear whether the new report about the mass grave with slain Syrian citizens, who were killed by foreign-backed terrorists, is the same mass grave that has been discovered in the area of Hambushiyah in the countryside of Lattakia.

The mass grave in Hambushiyah (Latakia countryside) contained the bodies of dozens of Syrian civilians which were massacred by an armed terrorist group some days ago.

The new report says nothing about the location of the newly discovered mass grave in the countryside of Syria’s coastal province, and thus, it is not known whether the report speaks about the same mass grave and horrible incident or that a new mass grave with dozens of slain Syrian civilians has been discovered in the northern area of the province of Lattakia (Latakia).

According to the new statements of an official source of the Syrian military, the Syrian army has discovered a mass grave that contains dozens of dead bodies of Syrian civilians who were killed by the foreign-supported terrorists in the Northern area of the countryside of Lattakia (Latakia).

The military source from Syria stated that the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) discovered the mass grave, which contained “charred and decomposed bodies” of many Syrian civilians, in the villages to which the units of the Syrian army have recently restored stability and security.

The units of the Syrian army were able to regain the control over many Syrian villages in the province of Lattakia (Latakia) in recent days and the last bastion of the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in the countryside of Syria’s coastal province is the Syrian village of Salma.

However, it is to expect that the village of Salma will be liberated from the armed terrorist groups soon and that the units of the Syrian army are soon able to regain the full control above this last bastion of the foreign-backed extremists in the northern countryside of Lattakia (Latakia).

Syria: Mass Grave with charred Syrian citizens in Latakia (Source: FNA)
Syria: Mass Grave with charred Syrian citizens in Latakia (Source: FNA)

The military source also added that some of the dead bodies have been identified. Relatives of the victims were able to identify some of the bodies in the discovered mass grave as their dead family members, while other bodies were not identified as their bodies were too charred to get identified.

According to the coroner, who examined the charred bodies in the mass grave, all the bodies of the found dead children, women and men were in a state of decomposition and that their features were completely gone.

The coroner added in an interview with Syrian TV that the causes of death of the bodies of the women, men and children in this found mass grave in northern Lattakia (Latakia) varied. According to the statements of the coroner, some of the victims were stabbed with sharp objects, while other victims had their throat slit, and the rest were gunned down by the foreign-backed terrorists.

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  1. anton

    Highly suspicious what with UN inspectors around.This seems like a distraction from the mass grave found in Latakia province.So opposition forces perpatrate another massacre to hide the other massacre how sick can you get?

  2. AH

    What even sickens me more then the thugs of FSA & Co are our braindead European politicians. In a way I just hope that they will one day see and fear the results of their plain ignorance and messing with extremism.

  3. AH

    Well, JDW, anything is possible in today’s world of war and corruption. Money knows no borders. As for the alleged chemical attack outside Damascus and your linked story: Highly unlikely that an e-mail conversation like that one took place. This would be such a high profile operation, and parties involved, particularly corporate, would not write anything directly and in such an implicating manner in an e-mail, not even secured. Here we are not talking about the shipment of a few detonators or mines, we talk about C-munitions.
    Back to this most recent alleged attack. Again, the most innocent, namely kids, have paid the highest price. Whatever really happened, we don’t know yet. Speculations on both sides of this conflict have developed fantastic and crazy accusations. Still, the real explanation may still be somewhat surprising or unfortunate for the Syrian Government and its forces.
    Some site published info about a downed SAF helicopter the same night in that same area. Well, if the SAF had been trying to move C-weapons from threatened areas to secure them – bad luck at the wrong time. If the thugs had accidentally released some stuff made by Al-Qaeda in Iraq through mishandling it – equally possible. I don’t think that they purposely released Sarin or any other compound to kill that many people just to frame the other side. With the inspectors on the ground that could easily be a shot in their own foot. Every chemical compount has its “footprint” of isotopes. Syrian military origin would easily be disapproved by scientists, unless the stuff was stolen from or sold by a corrupt SAA officer in charge of those weapons.
    Talking about the UN inspectors and their work, reports and possible findings. Please, folks, do not think that those people are sided or stupid/uneducated. Their reports are of high quality and are forwarded to governments. The problem here is, that the press usually never gets hold of the originals or the press ignores the reports because they don’t feed the interest of their superiors (=governments). I remember the chemical weapons destruction report, written by the inspectors on ABC weapons destruction as ordered by the UN in a resolution against Iraq in the 90ies. The report was not just enourmously detailed (I read parts of it as I had access to it), it was also evidence that the C-munitions accusations by the US/UK were primitively fabricated. Nevertheless, this was not in the interest of the “international community”…
    Same with the Al-Houta massacre report (which I did not read, but close friends of mine). The evidence in it is a devastating mass of information against the rebels & Co. Still, it is not in the interest blablabla…
    Whatever you read in the press about official statements by the UN, much of it has been distorted by the press. One word is enough: “the massacre” or “the alleged massacre” …
    The UN boys and girls try to be juristically correct. Mostly they are. The press and the evil politicians bullying them are the perpetrators of false propaganda, not the UN as an institution. The UN folks on the ground do know well, what’s going on – their knowledge is, unfortunately, either ignored or turned down as insufficient evidence by smart lawyers for governments.
    Even if the truth is soon discovered about the attack/accident/whatever last night, the world will likely never learn the facts. And a few individuals who know the real story behind it, will not be heard, bc the “international community” does not want to hear them.
    The shocked people in the West also do not want do acknowledge missing evidence – sad pictures of dead and hardly breathing kids are enough evidence to help them make up their minds. I watched the videos of last night, but beyond the feelings of sadness for those kids and people, I do ask “why are they not having severe muscle convulsions that distort their bodies and limps, as is usual for Sarin and similar compounds?” I remember well the videos we were shown during many ABC training courses/info sessions in the military. I am neither an MD, nor an ABC expert, but from the certainly more than basic knowledge about ABC stuff I have, I doubt that the attack was Sarin or similar. I could be wrong, of course.
    Just remember how WW II and the Iraq invasion started: on a make-up attack by Polish forces, staged by Germans, and by fabricated evidence from a nobody…

    • Arklight

      Hi, AH, nice post. If there was an SAF or SAA helicopter shot down over the area, so far there’s been no information come forth about the type of aircraft, nor even whether it was armed. A radio report stated that the target area was impacted by 7 ‘rockets’, with no explosions. It is also alleged that Syrian aircraft were seen orbiting the area, with no info as to the type, or types, of aircraft. The whole thing really stinks, though.

      You might have better information as to whether Syria’s C-weapons were of domestic manufacture for the national military, purchased from a third party for the Syrian military, Iraqi weapons which had been sent to Syria for safe keeping by Saddam. My understanding is that the ‘rebels’ captured Syrian weapons depots and that some of them contained C-weapons, and that at that time there were Syrian military deserters who joined up with the ‘rebels’ I’ve not gotten much update on this situation, nor of any disposition of the captured C-weapons. The provenance of Syria’s chemical arsenal have never, so far as I know, been addressed as more than an ‘oh, by the way – – ‘, nearly parenthetical, mention.

      I don’t believe in coincidences, such as that UK shipped chemical suits to the ‘rebels’ and that SAA has been capturing chemical weapons labs almost by wholesale, along with home made rockets. We also know, from public media, that Turkey ‘intercepted’ Sarin gas canisters which came into Turkey by air; the word ‘confiscated’ never appeared in the articles I saw, nor was the origin of the aircraft flight(s) mentioned.

      We also know from past performance that CIA is easily capable of perpetrating as many false flag ops as may be required to create enough activity to provide a complete masking operation for the US/UK governments, primarily the US which is being swamped in scandals, revelations and adversary legal procedures; Obama is, possibly, a handclap away from impeachment so there is no doubt in my mind that he would order the murder of hundreds, or thousands, of Syrian citizens just to keep him in his office for a little longer.

      Anyway, I’ve no doubt whatever that the US government is behind the chemical attacks, and hope that the Russians are on the ground already, collecting and collating evidence for public, repeat PUBLIC, reportage. You may trust UN to be conscientious, but I don’t. I’ve been watching UN for going on 60 years; they’ve become very, very adept at swindling the American taxpayers by way of members of Congress who are grifters, grafter, liars, thieves, con men (in their own amateur fashion), plus the lazy and the stupid.

  4. AH

    Thanksfor your additions, Arklight!
    There is one problem with evidence collection in Syria: the Syrian Government, institutions and the SAA have always been reluctant to allow foreignrs access to any “military” site, before the war just as much as now. This also stems from their system of total command hierarchy. You ask an Lt to get access, he will let you wait to call his Bt commander. That one will try to contact Div, they will respond thatthey cannot decide. And you… wait, wait, wait. That reality has not changed. The Russians have the trust, but not unilaterally. UN inspectors are blocked beyond imaginaton. Little things seem impossible to be decied on. You negotiate for inches, not kilometers.
    The positive thing is, that the UN does have Russian and Chinese observers incorporated into missions such as UNTSO – long officers from India, Europe, Africa, etc. Many governments still have their military attachees is Damascus. They all have a good picture of the situation.
    The US is a different story, though. Their people on the ground (prior to conflict) were usually completely unfit for international deployment in any position, as their cultural understanding and conflict awareness was close to non-existent. Anything would be seen from an American point of view only – I could tell you bizzare stories for hours.
    The UN inspector’s success is not dependent on their capabilities – it is, unfortunately, often wrecked by the lame and fearful Syrian response. The current war might have only worsened that (or better, it has).
    A chemical incident under whatever circumstances make the Syrian authorities think that giving full access to foreigners may cause them the final blame. By thinking that and blocking procedures, they make things worse.
    So, why block?? Well, as there may really be some culprit within the SAA who gave away material. Or, as you mentionend, Syrian C material fell into the wrong hands and is now used to frame the SAA. What would you do? Pretty bad situation.
    The likeliness that the blame lands on SAA is very high, indeed.
    As for Saddam’s C weapons – no, nothing in Syria. It had been meticulously cleaned up and destroyed. Hundreds of sites inspected at every inch. The Syrians did never want to burn their hands with Saddam’s legacy. Of course there is no 100% proof, but those people I talked to in the ME were quite sure that Saddam’s weapons did not make it to Syria.
    What saddens me is that, some years ago the relationship US/Syria started to thaw. Nancy Pelosi wen to Damascus (unofficially) and expressed her positive feelings towards Syria. The Iraqi border security issues were handled jointly by US/Iraqi and Syrian forces. Syria tried to welcome the US, be it officials or travelers. Of course, the approach was slow-motion at best, but it was there. I do not blame the Democrats and Obama for what happens now. I believe it is the Republican hawks and the CIA, NSA and hardliners in the militrary who never wanted a relationship with Syria. The have just invaded any softer approach, be it Pelosi, Obama or anyone else. But you know more about US politics, i guess.

    • Arklight

      Hi, AH. Actually, if I ran a country, I wouldn’t allow ANY US politician or other official in country. But that’s just me. We do have what we call ‘Chicken Hawks’ in both major parties; these are people who are hot for war with somebody – – anybody – – , safe in the knowledge that they will not have to go themselves, and also have the pull to keep their own kids and grandkids out of the military. The Chicken Hawks are often suspected to be very much in the pay of weapons manufacturers. As for CIA, almost anyone who tracks their ‘history’ can quickly figure out that CIA is the enforcement arm of ‘The International Banksters’ – – wherever CIA commits its crimes, there is an economic basis, somewhere. Pelosi, while Speaker of the House, muscled through the ‘Affordable Care Act’ which no one else had even seen, and was, reportedly, not completely written until well after passage. What she was doing in Syria I don’t know, but whatever it was must have been crooked, in my opinion.

      Unfortunately, wherever UN sections go, the original copies of their reports seem to pass through CIA which does obtain critical information that is available from no other source. The conclusions of UN inspectorates are not available as true, accurate and complete publications available for interested citizens to read. Well, if there are, I’ve never teen able to find them. It’s a hard thing to say, but if Syria’s suspicions were limited to US and NATO officials I wouldn’t blame Damascus at all. Unfortunately, people still have the lingering affection for the US as the Gold Standard for Freedom, Liberty and honor. Those days are gone, and have been for more than 50 years. If I did not live here, I wouldn’t come here, despite the European side of my family has been here since the Pilgrims, have fought in every war in which this country has ever participated, yatta-yatta.

      Hard liners in the military. Well, the military has its share of Chicken Hawks, too. Remember that only a very small fraction of any nations military actually engages in combat. Of the three combat arms, infantry is directly exposed to open eye-to-eye confrontation. Most ranking officers are on the hook because of their evaluations which determine whether or not they will be promoted, or become ‘terminal in grade’ – – passed over twice for promotion is, essentially, a pink slip. So the flag officers sniff the wind, deploy a wind vane to determine direction, and adjust their stated opinions in accordance. We do not have a system like the Bundesweher has where an officer can agree to continue service at the rank in which he performed best, rather than get kicked out. Loyal officers receive no support whatever from Congress, which is only interested in keeping their sinecure for life in DC. We are, in essence, a third world country with a second world military – – but don’t tell anybody, because it’s supposed to be a secret.

      Logic alone dictates that whatever the origin of the latest C weapons used against Syrian citizens, SAA and SAF would not use them against its own people. This is almost a guarantee, since SAA uses such care in avoiding civilian casualties, and undoubtedly SAA and NDF take casualties which could have been avoided if they were willing to use artillery and air copiously in preparation for the infantry engagement. US, UK and EU media will do everything they can, including flat out lying, to convince the increasingly smaller number of brick brains in their populations that the Damascus government is comprised of blood thirsty maniacs. Like my grandma used to say, ‘It’s one Mell of a hess.’


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