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FSA Terrorists Kidnap Syrian MP Mhanna Al-Fayyadh Al-Nasser

Middle East Trio Terror Sponsors

Thugs from the Obama regime-backed anti-Islamic FSA groups fighting in Syria attacked a remote village in Der Ezzor and kidnapped a number of civilians among them is member of the Syrian parliament Mr. Mhanna Al-Fayyadh Al-Nasser.

In a video clip released by the terrorist group calling themselves ‘Islamist Ahrar Cham Movement‘ bragging about their heinous crime, the kidnapped MP appears surrounded by Al Qaeda folklore of two masked men armed with Kalashnikov rifles pointed at the hostage.

Kidnapped Syrian MP Mhanna Al-Fayyadh Al-Nasser with his captors
Kidnapped Syrian MP Mhanna Al-Fayyadh Al-Nasser with his captors

We added subtitles to the video released by them, as we think western taxpayers should see where their money goes especially setting such acts as a priority before their own governments ‘shutdown’ (Watch on YouTube):

The fate of the villagers and their village is yet to be known, what we know is there were 25 houses in the village burned down by these cavemen. In June 2013 at least 60 all civilians were slaughtered by a Kuwaiti group from the FSA attacking their village Hatlah in Der Ezzor on the same basis of attacking the ‘regime men’.

Kidnapping civilians is a new custom to our region introduced and adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood junta ruling Turkey and headed by fanatic Ottoman caliph wannabe Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, thee oppressor of our time. A few days ago a group of 9 Lebanese civilians were exchanged with a herd of arrested terrorists after being kidnapped for 17 months by another Wahhabi group sponsored by Turkey and by a rabid US senator John McCain.

Two top Christian bishops are still held captive in the north of Syria since April 2013 by a third FSA Wahhabi group said to be Chechen, some sources confirm they’re held in Turkey itself, the price to release them includes releasing a large number of mercenaries from the French, Turkish and a GCC state armies.

FSA is an umbrella where different types of mercenaries and anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists fight the Syrian state and kill the Syrian people in the name of ‘democracy’ and NATO-styled Isalm.

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    • Arabi Souri

      Certain areas in Syria they wear like that, especially in eastern Der Ezzor where it’s open deserts linked with the Iraqi Anbar, Saudi and Jordanian deserts. Also in Daraa we have people in the countryside wearing a similar ‘attire’


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