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saa besieging terrorists ar rastan

Ar-Rastan Dam north of Homs

In our report dated 24 October 2013, we shed some light about our Syrian Arab Army troops in and around Ar-Rastan city, the strategic town north of Homs and south of Hamah in central Syria. Today, there’s another video report from the second largest dam in Syria, Ar-Rastan Dam.

One of the main goals the Obama regime and its stooges in their ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Syria and elsewhere is to destroy targeted countries, savage their infrastructure, kill as much people as they can, intimidate to enslave the others under their hegemony, or say under the hegemony of those the Obama regime and stooges are under. Targeting the infrastructure is a paramount goal of the mercenary death squads trained especially for wreaking havoc.

Rastan city in Homs countryside
Ar-Rastan city in Homs countryside

The Syrian opposition created by the Obama regime and its puppets abroad to serve as one of their puppets if they ever win the war of terror against Syria, and they will never, this opposition claim their mercenary anti-Islamic anti-humanity Wahhabi cannibal sex Jihadists control more than 70% of Syria, yet those opposition figures filling the mainstream media to appear as numerous while they do not count more than 500 in their best gathering, do not dare to visit Syria or live among the Syrians or even establish any post inside the country and get the protection of the people, unlike the sitting Syrian government led by Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.

Ar-Rastan Dam north of Homs
Ar-Rastan Dam north of Homs

Ar-Rastan was easily infested by terrorists due to the betrayal of Tlass family, a big family from the city with its elder being the longest serving minister of defense in the world, and having a number of his family in the SAA, we covered this part in our previous report.

These terrorists tried very hard to destroy Ar-Rastan Dam, the second largest dam in the country just to fulfill their masters will, and to repeat what their buddies, the Zionists occupying Palestine did in attacking the same dam some 40 years ago. If the terrorists managed to accomplish their task, it will cause an uncontrollable major humanitarian catastrophe.

The following video report with English subtitles from Ar-Rastan Dam with the Syrian Arab Army men:

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