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Erdogan Attempts Stealing Equipment from Zezon Thermal Power Station

Zeyzoun Electrical Thermal Power Generating Station - Idlib محطة زيزون الحرارية لتوليد الكهرباء ادلب

Erdogan forces were targeted by the Syrian Arab Army units operating in the southwest of Idlib while trying to steal equipment from the Zezon Electric Thermo Power Station.

Units of the SAA destroyed vehicles used by terrorists of the anti-Islamic Turkistan Islamist Party while they were dismantling and stealing equipment from the highly advanced Zezon electric thermal power station in Idlib’s southwest countryside.

This same station was cleaned from terrorists by the SAA back in August 2015, and two years later was attacked once again by terrorists from Nusra Front and ‘Ahrar Sham’ loyal to Erdogan. The terrorists stole electric-generating electronic equipment, large electric generating machinery, turbines, and have dismantled the steam boiler’s pipes, all were trucked to Turkey under the protection of Turkish MiT (‘Intelligence’ Forces).

Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief

It’s not the first time terrorists loyal to the New Ottoman Caliph wannabe Erdogan steal infrastructure machinery and equipment from Syria, they even bragged about stealing oil machinery for Erdogan in 2012.

While this is a blatant breach of the Idlib Agreement by Erdogan who caused the killings of sufferings of millions of Syrians to ‘protect them’, it’s not the only one, constant breaches of Russia’s sponsored agreement occur on daily bases.

In this same context, the Syrian Arab Army units operating in northern Hama countryside and south of Idlib province, are foiling and fighting off daily attacks by Turkey-sponsored terrorists.

An SAA unit targeted with a barrage of missiles a gathering of terrorist vehicles in the town of Jarjanaz southeast of Idlib inflicting heavy losses among them and destroying their vehicles.

Another Erdogan-sponsored terrorist group under the name of ‘Izza Brigades’ attempt to sneak into SAA’s outposts in az-Zallaqiyat and Zalin towns, northern Hama countryside was repelled by the vigilant SAA units in the area.

SAA’s artillery in the same axis carried out a precise shelling against barricades and trenches of terrorists in the vicinity of the town of Morek, north of Hama, in response to their shooting at SAA’s military points protecting the villages in that area.

The Syrian leadership and the Syrian Arab Army’s patience is growing very thin with the failure of Erdogan to fulfill his obligations according to the Idlib Agreement. At any moment the SAA and its allies will carry out a sweep cleaning operation in the province and eliminating thousands of terrorists in their last stronghold in the northwest of Syria and thus ripping the US and its Humanitarian Bastards cronies from their vital pressure card against Syria.

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