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Erdogan Beefing Up Turkish Army in Idlib to Protect al Qaeda Terrorists

Erdogan beefs up Turkish forces to protect Al Qaeda in Idlib

Erdogan, the Turkish madman is up to nothing good, as usual, NATO’s top leader is beefing up his forces in ‘Al Qaeda last stronghold’ in the Syrian Idlib province anticipating an imminent military operation by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies to clean the province from Al Qaeda and its affiliates, the madman and sultan wannabe continues to place conscript Turkish troops as human shields to protect the terrorists he considers more loyal to him.

Multiple sources confirmed the entry of large columns of military vehicles and tanks into the Idlib province in the northwest of Syria through the Kafr Lucin border crossing over the past two days, previous columns entered through the same crossing on the 21st of the month.

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

These new units are added to the already beefed up Turkish army units in the observation posts especially the ones in the Zawya Mountain region of Idlib province, which have been only grown in numbers instead of reducing them as Erdogan’s own commitments before the Russian President Putin and in line with the multiple agreements within the framework of the Astana de-escalation zones, Idlib Agreement, Moscow Agreement, and even the Adana Accord signed when Erdogan was still the mayor of Istanbul and months only before he was jailed for inciting radicalism against the secular state of Turkey.

Under the initial agreements to establish the de-escalation zones and within its points, the Turkish army would establish 11 military points to serve as observation posts to monitor the radical terrorist groups under Turkey’s control and to work on disarming them from medium and heavy weapons. Instead, Erdogan increased the number of those zones with dozen new ones and instead of disarming the radical terrorists, most of who are from Al Qaeda Levant which keeps changing its name (Nusra Front, ISIS, HTS, FSA, Hamzat, Sultan Murad..), Erdogan beefed up their numbers with new recruits, supplied them with more heavy weapons and high-tech drones and pushed many of them into suicide missions to bomb the Russian base in Hmeimim!

The latest augmentation in the number of Turkish troops in the Idlib province is yet another proof that Turkey is not to be trusted in any agreement, Erdogan, the NATO leader is a flipflop on the personal and political levels, the Turkish Army is still hoping to drag its NATO brethren into a confrontation with the Syrian Army and its Russian allies in Syria, and hoping that a large number of the Turkish soldiers get killed in such confrontation to shore up his dwindling support base in his country due to the devastating economic crises created by his military adventures abroad by gaining more support for those ‘fallen soliders’ in order for the people to forget their pressing economic issues, this cheap policy works well in the USA and other western countries, why shouldn’t it work for Turkey? Believes the up to no good flipflop Erdogan.

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  1. Nora Booher

    The Mafia is what the Mafia does, and all of this is because of a store clerk working at a retail giant here in the US, and her Mafia slave master.


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