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Drones Bomb US Army Base in Al Tanf, Casualties Reported

US Army officers with ISIS Free Syrian Army commanders in Al Tanf - ضباط من الجيش الامريكي مع قائد تنظيم جيش سوريا الحر في قاعدة التنف

Kamikaze drones bombed the illegal military base of the US Army in the Syrian southeastern Al Tanf region, the US war ministry claims the successful drone bombing didn’t cause any deaths among its ranks and only two injuries among the Al Qaeda terrorist group operating from within the same base.

Local sources reported hearing the sound of explosions in the early morning hours of yesterday, Saturday 20th of January from the illegal US military base in the furthest depth of the Syrian southeastern desert at the border junction with Iraq and Jordan.

A fire erupted from the targeted base and panic spread in the base as reported by the locals.

However, the Pentagon’s command center responsible for the US military war crimes in the region USCENTCOM claimed in a statement that its air defenses shot down two of the incoming kamikaze drones and a third managed to reach its target.

US Army USCENTCOM admit drones bomb illegal military base in Al Tanf Syria - هحوم بالمسيرات على قاعدة الاحتلال الامريكي في التنف سورية

It’s strange that some US officials continue to claim that their presence in Syria is to combat ISIS despite their former commander in chief publicly stating their task in Syria is to ‘keep Syrian oil’ because he likes oil, and that’s on top of the several statements and leaks by different US officials explaining the US using was using ISIS to exert pressure on the Syrian leadership and in addition to all evidence proving the USA created ISIS.

The USCENTCOM statement claimed that none of its personnel was harmed without explaining how personnel can survive an explosion of such; it adds that only two members of the ISIS-affiliated terrorists were injured and received medical treatment.

The ISIS-affiliated terrorist group sponsored by the US Army in the Syrian Al Tanf was formerly called ‘Maghawir Thawra’, now they changed their name in a new PR stunt and go by ‘Syrian Free Army’ not to be confused with the ‘Free Syrian Army’ which was established by the US-led coalition to destroy Syria at the outset of the US-led war of terror against the Syrian people.

It seems that the US Army illegally occupying parts of Syria does not like to get attacked, the USCENTCOM statement complains: ‘Attacks of this kind are unacceptable’ as they place the US troops and their sponsored ISIS-affiliated terrorists at risk!

It’s worth noting that the US Army illegally based in the targeted base in the Syrian Al Tanf region has been training along with its partners of the ISIS-affiliated Free Syrian Army since the 3rd of this month, January 2023, on air defense weapons to address incoming Kamikaze drone attacks.

Nobody claimed responsibility for this drone attack on the US troops and their sponsored ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) affiliated terrorists, nobody usually claims responsibility, however, it comes after an escalation of terrorist attacks carried out by the ISIS remnants who fled Daraa after its liberation by the Syrian Arab Army in September 2021, the last of which was the assassination of a Syrian police officer last Wednesday, 18th of January.

The Syrian Resistance, a group of non-government militias has vowed to bomb the US army in Syria every time Israel bombs Syria, and it has bombed the US Army in al Tanf and at the Syrian oil fields in Deir Ezzor after time Israel bombed Syria, this could be the Syrian Resistance’s retaliation for the ISIS terrorist attacks in the southern region if they were behind this attack since there was no recent Israeli bombing of Syria.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    That must be done with and without an Israeli bombing, these war criminals should go back to their country by their will or in body bags, there is no justification for leaving them alone without forcing them to leave, it’s already overdue for them to leave, they shouldn’t have come in the first place.


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