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US Helicopters Kill Two CIA’s ISIS Assets in Northeastern Syria

US Army spreading western values to Syrian oil fields - file photo

US Army illegally operating in Syria claims it killed two ISIS officials in the eastern region of the country in a helicopter air raid early in the dawn.

The illegal military operation conducted by Biden armed forces in northeast Syria was conducted unilaterally, the Pentagon statesd to ‘ensure its success’ hinting that the US army is not coordinating with its own led illegal coalition it created to help ISIS in Syria. for lack of trust between the NATO allies and between them and their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

So-called USCENTCOM, a branch of the US Army overseeing the US war crimes committed in the region, named ‘Anas’ a presumed ISIS commander allegedly killed in the operation, it did not release the full name of the commander or the name of the other person killed in its raid.

US Army USCENTCOM statement killing ISIS commander in helicopter raid in Syria

In its statement, the USCENTCOM claimed that its initial assessment indicates there were no civilians killed or injured in its illegal helicopter raid. Usually, the casualties among civilians in US army operations only appear in secondary assessments or if some whistleblowers risk their lives to leak information on such war crimes months and years later.

If confirmed that the US army did target ISIS or Al Qaeda terrorists, it has been proven that it does so in cases where those CIA assets went astray or their killing is needed for PR propaganda stunts to raise the approval rating of the sitting US regime after failures, especially in its domestic economy or to serve as distractions from scandals exposed, the release of the Twitter Files were only a couple of days prior to this latest US army stunt.

ISIS, aka ISIL or Daesh, is an offshoot of Al Qaeda, both terrorist groups were created by the USA to target countries the US regime plots to plunder their resources and to ensure its hegemony over the world.

Numerous US officials including secretaries of state Clinton and Kerry admitted that Al Qaeda is the creation of the USA and that the USA wanted to use ISIS to weaken the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad to force him into concessions to the USA.

Claims like the above that the USA and its illegal coalition in Syria combat ISIS are ridiculous and refuted by the fact that ISIS only grew in numbers and strength in areas the US army and its allies, mainly Turkey illegally operate in Syria and Iraq, the two ISIS leaders who were killed next to the Turkish army posts in the Syrian province of Idlib earlier, the repeatedly dropping of weapons, munition, and aid, ‘by mistake’, to ISIS cells, bombing Syrian Army units while combating ISIS terrorists, and the training of dozens of so-called moderate rebels only to join the ranks of ISIS in Syria.

The above illegal US army operation in Syria to kill two alleged ISIS commanders followed news of another US military airdrop in the village of Mullouk to the southwest of the Syrian city of Al Qamishli in northeast Syria killing a so-called Rakan Wahid Shummari, an alleged commander of ISIS, one of his aides was injured and two others were kidnapped by the US army helicopter crew.

Worth noting that the United Nations Security Council, the only body authorized by international law to authorize military operations across borders without the consent of the sovereign governments in the countries concerned, has not authorized the USA or any of its allies to carry out any operation in Syria, military or even to deliver humanitarian aid.

The United States not only failed to obtain the Syrian government’s approval to operate within its territories, the Syrian government repeatedly condemns the US military operations in Syria calling it illegal, and demands its immediate suspension.

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  1. Safa Syria

    Thanks for the comprehensive article
    Biden’s forces stationed at the illegal al-Tanf base in Syria have recruited hundreds of tribesmen to go fight in Ukraine.
    But reports indicate that they have been mobilized to become a line of defense for the occupying US forces on the outskirts of the seven villages in Deir ez-Zor.
    We’ll see a big battle in the coming days.


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