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COVID-19 Has Not Slowed Trump, Erdogan Regime Crimes in Syria

The Trump regime’s logistical problems in dealing with COVID-19 due to lack of preparedness has not slowed America’s war crimes against Syria. The US media continue to incite hysteria in Americans, over possible shortages in PPE, ventilators, burial grounds and which have returned to the demonization of hydroxychloroquine treatment, remain silent over the regime’s ongoing war crimes.

On Monday, SANA reported that “the US occupation forces” again illegally entered Syria, this time with a convoy of 35 trucks filled with “military and logistic materials” to send to its criminal bases and criminal “occupation points” in the al Jazira area. Trump regime American illegals entered Syria from Iraq, through the “illegal al Walid crossing in al Ya’rubia countryside, to the far northeastern of Hasakah…” with most of the military supplies going to the American illegal base in the illegally occupied Khrab al Jeer Military Airport in the al Malikiyah area.

American illegals in Syria under the command of Donald Trump are there to steal Syrian oil and “major crops,” despite Trump’s ongoing boasts that the US is oil independent.

Though there is no official government report on coordination, on Monday madman Erdogan also sent a “convoy of [twenty] military vehicles to the city of Ras al Ayn in Hasaka northwestern countryside.” The Muslim Brotherhood caliph wannabe thinks his criminal troops call halt the fratricide and fragging among his semi-independent terrorist mercenaries. These Captagon-fueled pathogens have occupied Ras al Ayn since October and more recently have begun to kill each other fighting over homes and other property they have stolen from Syrian civilians.

Erdogan’s al Qaeda thugs have created yet another offshoot: Firqat al Hamzat, looting homes and businesses in Ras al Ayn. Some kill each over for the stolen booty, but not enough.

Erdogan regime air force bombed the electricity grid of the Alouk Power Plant in October, twice. Twice it was repaired by the Syrian electricity army. The madman’s thugs — both conscripted members of Turkey’s military and assorted armed human detritus — subsequently occupied this region and have engaged in depriving the Syrian civilians of this water supply, for several weeks, with no condemnation from the UN.

After an unsuccessful deployment of thousands of young men fake refugees to crash through the Greek border, Erdogan sent buses to pick them up, and claimed he would house them in coronavirus quarantine areas and later ‘repatriate’ them to their countries of origin, though no one of sane mind believes the unindicted war criminal.

Official COVID-19 stats report Turkey with more than 30,000 confirmed cases and 649 dead, and the US with more than 360,000 confirmed and more than 10,000 dead.

The pandemic has not stopped the war criminal aggressions against Syria, by either madman.

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