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Turkish Madman Erdogan Reinforces TSK and Al-Qaeda in Idlib Despite Covid-19

Turkey reinforce military inside Idlib - Syria despite coronavirus - File photo

The Turkish madman and anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Caliph wannabe Erdogan continues beefing up al-Qaeda terrorists and the Turkish troops in the province of Idlib, northwest of Syria, despite the outbreak of Covid-19, especially in his own country, Turkey.

When it comes to crimes, especially war crimes, and furthermore, the lowest levels of them we are un-blessed in our current times with the likes of Turkish Erdogan, US’s Trump, and Israeli Netanyahu, at least the latter two are commanders in pushing for the anti-Judaic, anti-Christian, and anti-Islamic coming of the Anti-Christ, while the first one is a small tool used by his Zionist masters.

Despite the outbreak of the Coronavirus aka Covid-19 in Turkey itself, hundreds of infected, dozens of Turkish cities are separated, the Turkish madman is taking advantage of everybody’s engagement in trying to stop the spread of this pandemic, to further his assigned agenda using his own styled pandemic of subhumans of al-Qaeda terrorists and its ilk. Beefing up the terrorists’ supplies and his own troops after the tremendous losses they suffered at the hands of God’s men on Earth the Syrian Arab Army and their allies, the Turkish madman Erdogan thinks destroying Syria and killing Syrians is more important than saving his own people.

Dima Nassif from the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel sheds more light in her following video report:

The video is also available on BitChute.

English translation of the report’s transcript:

Ankara is preventing movement between dozens of cities inside Turkey due to the Corona pandemic, but it does not prevent the flow of its army’s vehicles and reinforcements into Syria and without any preventive measures at the crossings.

Moscow’s preoccupation from following-up the implementation of securing the M4 highway is good news for Ankara and the terrorists of the factions in Idlib who have spread on both sides of the road and blew up bridges and destroyed large parts of it to prevent Russian patrols from passing through.

As for Ankara, it has intensified the numbers of its armed forces, equipped with all heavy weapons and air defense systems, and resupplied the armed groups with weapons and ammunition caches and new vehicles to compensate for their losses in the recent battles against the Syrian Arab Army.

But this is not all that is going on in Idlib during the ceasefire and the continuing Turkish-Russian dispute over the implementation of patrolling. There are press leaks that talked about a meeting of military officials from the Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda in the Levant) in which they discussed the preparation for an operation to end the Hurras Al Din faction (an offshoot of ISIS). Al-Jolani, who sent demonstrations against the Russian patrols, accused the Hurras Al Din for it, to use it as a pretext to liquidate the organization, to satisfy Ankara, and to relieve the Russian pressure demanding the eradication of terrorist groups.

Attempts to get rid of the organization (Hurras Al Din) were not born today, as tension began since the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at the hands of US forces in a region under the control of Hurras Al Din, which was accused by the Al-Nusra Front (aka HTS) at the time of harboring and protecting al-Baghdadi, and the tensions increased at the end of last year due to mutual arrests, which reached arresting commanders of the Al-Nusra Front, which brought in military reinforcements, in preparation for ending the organization of Hurras Al Din.

Al-Jolani has not stopped liquidating scores of factions from his opponents since the beginning of the Astana Accord three years ago to present himself as a single party to negotiate with the Turks and the Russians about Idlib, and that he is able to own the factions’ lead, today, he completes this path and rearranges the situation in the north to his advantage before the Corona pandemic wave recedes. that distracted everyone away from him and from Idlib.

Dima Nassif – Damascus, Al-Mayadeen

End of the transcript.

Erdogan and Jolani
Turkish Erdogan and his loyal militiaman Jolani head of HTS (al-Qaeda Levant)

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