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Breaking: Israel Escalates its Aggression on Syria, Bombs Latakia Seaport

Israel bombs containers yard in Latakia seaport - عدوان اسرائيلي على ميناء اللاذقية

Israel escalates its aggression on Syria by bombing the commercial port of Lattakia, the largest in Syria, the Syrian Army’s air defense addressed the incoming missiles, the bombing caused material damage on the site.

A military spokesperson said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

At about 1:23 am today, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression with several missiles from the direction of the Mediterranean, southwest of Latakia, targeting the container yard in the commercial port of Latakia. The aggression led to the burning of a number of commercial containers in the mentioned place.

The video is also available on VideoPress and BitChute.

The governor of Latakia headed to inspect the site and oversee the firefighting efforts, he confirmed that all fires were extinguished and that the firefighters are cooling the containers.

Locals in the city reported hearing strong explosions, firefighters were seen heading to the commercial port which is not far from residential areas as can be seen from the pictures shared by the residents there:

Targeting the commercial port is a serious escalation in Israel’s aggression, Israel’s very existence is aggression against humanity, the world’s peace and stability, and to humankind. This particular escalation will have serious consequences and a response is inevitable, the timing of it and its severity should worry the European settlers occupying Palestine.

It’s also of no coincidence that Israel is carrying this aggression hours after the Yemeni armed forces showered a number of Saudi cities with missiles in retaliation to the mad escalation in bombings and massacres carried out by the Saudis in the past 5 days after receiving the latest cache of missiles from the Biden’s junta.

Is Israel cementing the bond established between the open fronts in the region: one front led by the USA and includes Israel, Turkey, other NATO member states, the Gulfies, Al Qaeda, HTS, ISIS, and a host of hundreds of NGOs financed by the US taxpayers, against an axis led by Syria and includes Iran, Yemen, the Iraqi PMU, the Lebanese Hezb Allah, and some of the Palestinian liberation factions? Or is Israel still trying to provoke a regional war to drag the US forces deployed in the region into it to prevent their withdrawal scheduled by this year’s end?

The Syrian response to the Israeli repeated aggression is the constant work on reducing Israel’s power by eliminating the terrorist groups and weakening the US presence in Syria and in Iraq, and by strengthening the Resistance factions led by Hezb Allah in Lebanon and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, simultaneously, working on countering NATO troops of Turkey, the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Belgium in the country. However, the near future will tell whether Syria will retaliate against today’s escalation before the US withdrawal from the region or will wait until Biden removes his oil thieves and cannon fodder troops deployed in Syria to die for Israel.

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  1. Nora Booher

    This isn’t intelligence any shape or form, it’s pure mental illness. Syria represents such a grave threat in the minds of Malthusian geopoliticians across their ‘Rules Based International Order’, delusional fantasies, they’d all be locked up in high security hospitals for the crimally insane in a real world.


    I am on SYRIA’S side BUT since your Government continues to accept this BOMBING from those ASHKENAZI ZIONIST JEWS, you are getting what you deserve

    COWARDS get what the BULLY delivers and the more you allow the MORE the BULLIES will deliver

    YES I am quite familiar with all the ARGUMENTS why Syria doesn’t strike back, but those arguments are always used by COWARDS, just like the people who don’t fight back against the same JEWS “forcing” people to take DEADLY Vaccines.NO ONE can FORCE another to do anything unless you allow it.

    CRIMINAL do what CRIMINALS DO, but VICTIMS don’t do what they should DO, which is WHY they are VICTIMS

    IN the end you WILL finally fight but you will be so weakened from all the Bullying, you may lose.

    FIGHT NOW and you WILL WIN, simply by the mere fact you FOUGHT BACK.

    Fighting back FRIGHTENS ANY BULLY

  3. Nora Booher

    It’s not just the parties mentioned in this article, but other forces at play that I can’t mention without giving away the game; and no doubt I’m beginning to wonder whose move it is next, myself. I suspect that ‘Freespirit’, above mentioned, is getting the jitters, because of that unmentioned third party. Of course, that doesn’t bother me at the least, but like we all know, it’s a matter when not if, in the meantime though, life goes on and what was once a certainty is now in doubt; and that’s the agonizing part of it. In World War 2, a kindly gent added a little bit more to the kitty to ensure that the Russians suffered an extra 25 million casualties than what was necessary. And, that was just a man; what if an even greater pawn is at play now? And, I suspect that it may very well be; and why so many are now loosing their nerves of steel.


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