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Another Humanitarian Crime in Daraa by Obama Thugs

Daraa Garaz Prison Crime

There’s not a single day that passed during the current Syrian crisis without a massacre occurring, the difference between them is the media attention and how to exploit media to shape the western public opinion to justify sponsoring Alqaeda after more than a decade claiming to be fighting them under the pretext of ‘humanitarian aid’.

Crimes against humanity committed in Syria by the ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘ and their thugs cannot be counted and need long time and huge efforts to keep records of, the main common factors among them are the culprits committing them, the ugliness they’re committed and the way western media depicts them to serve the ‘colorful revolutions’ leading to ‘regime change’ in targeted Syria.

Suicide bombings in residential areas, orphanages were not spared neither were universities nor hospitals, beheading, cannibalism, Sex Jihad, kidnappings, lynching, field executions of ‘infidels’, sectarian killing, grilling and recently boiling victims and lots more. First the western media will blame the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army for these attacks, then when the facts overwhelm the lies the same western media & their regional minions will blame the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army again for not protecting the victims from the western-backed Alqaeda Wahhabi terrorists and call for a western intervention to save the Syrians from their own selves.

Yesterday, an additional smirch is added to the ugly faces of all western leaders and their stooges with the attack that occurred against a prison in Daraa, south of Syria and claimed to be the cradle of the Wahhabi ‘revolution’ against the Syrian people, when herds of terrorists attacked Garaz prison, released top wanted criminals, killed, lynched, beheaded and boiled the heads of the guards they were able to kill.

Daraa Garaz Prison Crime
Daraa Garaz Prison Crime

Daraa Garaz Prison Crime

We blurred the image due to its Graphic Nature, you can find the original image here:

Map of Daraa, Note Proximity to Jordan

Should remind that each of these crimes are paid for by US & other western tax payers who decided willingly to exchange their own healthcare, pension, education systems, welfare and other benefits, with sponsoring these fanatics in my country in the name of humanity. We will not pay back doing the same to you, but we strongly believe in Karma.

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    This is not a question of money and cannot be just a question of money . The question of religion and sectarianism has been ruled out . These criminals have killed as many Sunnis as they have killed Shi’as if not more . They are killing left and right and they have been given the right to kill, the right to decide , the right to execute . They are not a deviated minority , they speak in the name of the International Community and they act in the name of this Community . That is why nothing can stop them and nobody . And they act on behalf of UN and foreign and European governments and have been inculcated the doctrine of the White Man , that of the Puritan and the Zionist and that of the British Crown and the imperialists , of the Ku Klux Klan and the Free Masons and that of the Order of Malta and of the Papal Authority , of the various brotherhoods in their Muslim and Christian forms .
    They act on behalf of the rulers of this world and its administration . They have already acted before, they have killed and slaughtered and burned alive millions of Native Indigenous in the New World and wiped them off the map . They have killed tens of millions of Black Africans that they have abducted from the African coast. They have burnt Jeanne d’Arc on the stake , as they have burnt other Irish women alive as well. They have killed and killed in Japan and Vietnam and in Palestine , they have again killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and in Yemen and Pakistan and then in Libya and Syria and they will kill more . Using starvation and diseases and wars and Revolutions and Springs , they will kill even more . As much as you want they can kill and even more, much more . What are they and who are they and what is it that they want that needs so much killing ?
    They kill and they never hide , they will not hide . They pose in front of cameras and kill and show their ugly deeds, how they did this and how they did that . They want us to know and the world to know that they do this and do that . The Puritan settlers also wanted people to know what they did to the Natives and they will show the bodies and the scalps and count them proudly and then feast over them , scalps of children and women and they will pose in front of cameras and let all people know and they boast about killing children and even infants . It is a matter of pride and not a source of shame and this is why these acts are shown , displayed and claimed.

    What do the criminal thugs of the World Administration want? What does this Administration want? It wants to do away with all laws , all natural and social and cultural laws , all the laws that rule life naturally and keep humanity going on. It wants to live by its own laws and does not have to abide by anything else because it thinks it is endowed with a superiority of some kind , racial or religious that allows it to do so . By this it can control everything and not be controlled . It is by killing that the western world acquired the hegemony it enjoys and not by developing science or technology or art as it claims These scientific or technological achievement were collateral effects on the side of the act of killing . The origin of the whole thing is killing and that is why the World Order cannot and will not give up on killing because it will be forsaking its own originality.
    Now, how to face this multi headed monster is surely another story .We have to turn our face to Syria and see what is going on there and hope for the best.


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