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al-Hosn Citadel Liberated – Homs

Al Hosn Castle (Krak Des Chevaliers) Liberated

After 2 years of being infested by the world’s filthiest filth, Al-Hosn Citadel is liberated by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army. The citadel known as Krak Des Chevaliers, a medieval monument that stood for centuries was saved today once again by the Syrians from the enemies of humanity.

SAA adding more gains in the accelerated advances to clean the country from the Obama regime-backed anti-Islamic anti-humanity Wahhabi terrorists from Alqaeda and its affiliates. After liberating Qussayr in May last year, the SAA started accumulating gains while the terrorists coming from over 80 countries and backed by the world’s most corrupt and low-esteemed regimes recorded a defeat after the other, a withdrawal after the other, losing numbers in thousands.

Al Hosn Castle (Krak Des Chevaliers) Liberated
Al Hosn Castle (Krak Des Chevaliers) Liberated securing the whole region from western Homs city to the coastal side near Latakia

The liberation of Al-Hosn Citadel equals in its important the liberation of Al-Qussayr and paves the way to secure the whole region from western Homs city to the coastal side near Latakia, and tighten the noose against the terrorists who used to move freely from neighboring Lebanon into towns and villages spreading horror and wrecking havoc.

Martyrs of Houla, Sadad, Bayda, Banyas, Baba Amro, Tal Kalakh, Aqrab, Jandar, Dhabaa and tens of more massacres can rest now knowing their families are safe from the terror coming from north Lebanon, the terror that took their lives is no longer a threat except for the countries that sponsored it.

During the battle to liberate Al-Hosn, a group of the terrifying terrorists of Jund Al-Cham, the Alqaeda affiliated militia, led by their commander Dandachi, and terrified by the determination of the Syrian Arab Army men and women to finish their horror, fell in a tight ambush by the SAA leaving 19 of them dead. The total of terrorists killed during the last battles to liberate Al-Zara & the citadel are yet to be counted but initial estimates put that figure in over a 100.

In retaliation to the liberating of Al-Zara, Al-Hosn Citadel and Yabroud north of Damascus, the US regime of Barack Obama closed the Syrian embassy and two consulates in the United States. The Obama regime’s move can only be seen as a desperate attempt to win morally what their cannibal sex jihadists lost on the ground.

A Syrian Arab Army Air Force pilot greets the soldiers who liberated Al-Hosn Citadel during a live interview on TV:

God Bless the Syrian Arab Army.

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  1. biersauer

    Now has Obama a new target, named Ukrainia, to be occupated by fascist Jewish group.
    Syria occupation will be finishd soon.

  2. Igwe Gos Chinenye

    Usa,claimd that they re police of the world,but they author of al terrorist,they wil reap what they sow when the time comes.


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