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Alleged Jordanian Bombing Murders 6 Syrian Children in Syria

Alleged Jordanian bombing kills a Syrian family including 6 children

Multiple unofficial sources claimed yesterday 8 May, that an air raid carried out by Jordanian fighter jets killed an entire family in the countryside of Daraa, bordering Jordan in southern Syria, the sites claim the alleged air raid targeted a terrorist responsible for manufacturing Captagon pills.

The alleged air bombing destroyed a house in the Al-Lajjat area between the northeastern countrysides of the provinces of Daraa and Sweida; some Jordanian and Israeli media outlets claim the targeted house belongs to a drug dealer and a commander of a local terrorist organization who was killed with his wife and 6 of their children in the bombing.

Another air raid was reported by Jordanian activists who shared a video clip showing warplanes flying over the city of “Ramtha” in northern Jordan, claiming that the people of the province of “Irbid” heard the sounds of strong explosions in the areas adjacent to the border with Syria, that would be in Daraa’s southwestern countryside.

For its part, the website “Daraa 24” reported that the air strike targeted “a water purification plant near the town of Kharab al-Shahm in the western countryside of Daraa,” describing the targeted area as a stronghold for drug trafficking, but denied the existence of a factory for the production of drugs.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has threatened to launch a military operation inside Syria if Damascus fails to fulfill its pledges to stop the flow of drugs.

Syrian official sources have not commented on the alleged news of the Jordanian bombing, we are not sure whether Jordan notified the Syrian authorities of the alleged Jordanian bombing if it did happen.

It’s very unlikely that Syria would sanction such an attack on its territories by a state, Jordan in this case, that played and continue to play a key role in the US-led war of terror and war of attrition on Syria during the past 12 years. If it was not sanctioned, this could be an act of aggression and Syria will preserve the right to strike back at terrorist training camps inside Jordan, the Jordanians know this.

If Syria did sanction such an attack if such an attack did happen as described, it would be to give the Jordanians some card to claim in front of their US and UK masters that it is cooperating with the Syrian authorities to combat ‘drugs’ trafficking, a byproduct of the US-led war of terror on Syria which Jordan itself was its main conduit from the south of Syria.

In such a case, that Syria would sanction such an attack, the Syrian authorities need to declare that officially and need to answer questions about the children casualties in this alleged bombing, and why would Syria give Jordan such a card if the Syrian authorities have been relentlessly and at very high costs combating all sorts of drug manufacturing and trafficking including the production and trafficking of Captagon pills while the Jordanian regime was actively participating in the war on Syria, especially the media war which will use this alleged case negatively against Syria.

The Jordanian so-called MOC black room for military and terrorist attacks in Syria is mainly responsible for commanding al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), and other terrorist groups in southern Syria, and also coordinating with different spies from the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance who carried out illegal special operations in south Syria throughout the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance’s war of terror on the Syrian people. This MOC room is manned by military and ‘intelligence’ officers from the USA, UK, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and terrorist commanders from the Israeli IDF and Mossad terrorist organizations.

One of the objectives of this black op room in Amman, Jordan was to produce and traffic all sorts of drugs to finance its operations and to destroy the Syrian and other Arab communities, especially targeting the youth and especially the Saudi youth, as Saudis were the main consumers of Captagon pills and other products of the US-sponsored al Qaeda FSA and other terrorist groups in Syria.

The truth will come out, allowing Jordanian fighter jets to bomb sites in Syria will not go lightly with the Syrian people, if the claims of the alleged bombing were to be true, let alone the killing of 6 children in such an attack, again if the reports proved correct. The Syrian people despite the Jordanian king and his late father for their submissive treachery role serving the USA and Israel against the people of the region.

Arabi Souri contributed to this post.

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    When children are involved in a place where “crimes” are being committed, SOLDIERS or special operations forces should be sent in to the operation offices or factories to arrest the guilty adults so that Children are not harmed.

    Bombing is CRIMINAL where children are involved

    Only PSYCHOPATHS, like ISRAELIS (FAKe JEWS), can believe bombing children is acceptable

  2. roy

    As a species or sub-species, such behavior can only lead to a condition otherwise known as the living dead, and can only self-perpetuate that hell that lives within their minds to children who will also be inflicted with the same disease of hatred; today we are the winners of our own short sightedness, but the addiction of hatred is its own reward; no one is really to blame, and really morality, has nothing to do with it; it’s just a condition of the human mind, and the flesh that controls that mind. from the standpoint of an outside observer; it’s just another animal species doing its thing, like squires collecting nuts, and stealing buried nuts from each other. I wish that there was a moral lesson to learn from the conductance of warfare, but there is none; it’s just something that some people do; and call it smart, but obviously, it’s ignorant as all hell, and that is all that will ever be gained from it.

  3. Miri

    Jordan’s FM has essentially admitted to bombing Syria: “DER SPIEGEL: The Jordanian air force reportedly killed a known drug dealer in Syria recently. Was this attack coordinated with Russia?

    “Safadi: Without commenting on that, we will do whatever it takes to protect our national security. These drug operations are huge. Some of our soldiers were killed by drug dealers. The smugglers are extremely well equipped and supported …”


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