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After 17 Months Cover-Up they Admitted: Syria Shot Down the Israeli F16

US F16I Sufa fighter jet - top of US pride

It took Israel and its western mainstream propagandists 17 months to disclose what brought down the US-made F16 back in February 2018, it took us a couple of hours.

The difference between them and us, they are aggressors and criminals, in order to cover up their crimes they are hell-bent on lying, fabricating, disinforming and distorting the truth; we, on the other side, are righteously defending our country from their aggression thus we are ‘hell-bent’ on debunking their lies and fabrications and reporting the truth to gain the trust of our readers.

On February 10th, 2018, it was a Saturday morning where the ‘Jewish’ Israelis are not supposed to work, let alone commit aggression, let alone lie about it, when a squadron of Israeli fighter jets, of the top of what the US taxpayers worked their lives hard to gift them, carried out a bombing against Syrian Arab Army units violating the Syrian air space. SAA air defense units fired back with their available outdated surface to air missiles and shot down an F16 and caused damage to an F35. That was the last time Israelis flew into Syrian air space, they hit and run from Lebanese air space, hiding behind commercial airplanes and Russian surveillance planes, and far away from the sea.

We, at Syria News, based on the information from the Syrian official media corroborated by our contacts within the country and after examining the information, reported that Syria shot down an Israeli F16 fighter jet.

Syria News reported Syrian Air Defense shot down Israeli F16 fighter jet within a couple of hours
Syria News reported Syrian Air Defense shot down Israeli F16 fighter jet within a couple of hours

They, the Israeli media and their western propagandists tried to cover up the success of the Syrian Air Defense launched systematic disinformation and discrediting campaign against the Syrian official story and tried to hide what happened from their audience in a desperate attempt to maintain any shred of moral their followers still have.

Now they’re coming out to declare that our story was correct and their story was far from the truth, to say the least. It took them almost 17 months to:

  1. Report the reality of what happened, and that’s a calamity.
  2. Figure out what happened, and that’s a greater calamity.
Israel confesses that Syria shot down their F16 - 17 months later
Israel confesses that Syria shot down their F16, 17 months later (Link of above article)

In addition to the F16 shot down by the Syrian Air Defense units using a developed more than 5 decades old air-to-surface missile, we also reported that another Israeli US-gifted ‘STEALTH’ F35, the top of what the US ever made, was damaged but managed to reach its base. Unlike the F16 which crashed and its two pilots had to eject and one of them sustained severe injuries, as per the Israeli narrative, we really don’t bother whether he died later.

As early as June last year, 4 months after the incident we reported about the F35 damaged by the Syrian S200, they still maintain their story that a pigeon went into its motor at 35,000 feet high. Let’s wait and see.

Syria News have a habit of not reporting the news in order just to be among the first ones, we have a habit of only reporting the verified significant news that would be useful to our readers and not a waste of their time or any sort of a click-bait. We also have a habit of reporting news most of the others don’t have access to it or wouldn’t believe it’s true until it’s too late and after so long, like our reporting of the Israeli submarine drowned by the Syrian Navy which took others many years to report and many still trying to figure what happened 6 years later trying to find a way to conceive the weakness of the IDF terrorists and their total reliance on their western sponsors and the traitors among us.

If you seek to learn what’s going on, especially in war zones, try to resort to sources not known for their previous lies, nor caught red-handed faking news, nor fabricating news, nor have interest in promoting one side of the story so some weapons manufacturers can make more money on the account of your miseries. Don’t source your information from outlets that challenge you to find a single fact in their reporting, look for outlets that have been challenging you to find a single lie in their news. That’s, of course, unless you’d prefer to join their herd of Sheeple.

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    Aggressors lie – Defenders fight for Truth and Righteousness. That is the way God’s world works.
    Gangster Casino decaying anglo-zio empire is crossing all the red lines to save it’s vile existence.

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