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Breaking: Four Civilians Martyred in New Israeli Aggression against Syria

SAA air defence units intercept Israeli missiles 01 July 2019

At 1 am and in the depth of the night, a new wave of Israeli missiles was fired against the Syrian capital from behind the Anti-Lebanon Mountains. Another wave targeted a Syrian Arab Army base in Homs countryside.

Four civilians, one of them an infant martyred in Damascus countryside, another one-month baby girl sustained burns and injuries in her face and body, she is among more than 20 civilians injured and were rushed to Al-Hesham Hospital in Sahnaya, others to other hospitals.

Video also available on BitChute:

Series of explosions were heard in the Syrian capital and in the countryside of Homs central Syria where Syrian state media said a number of Syrian military bases were targeted.

Israel takes advantage of the Lebanese airspace to carry out its attacks knowing that Syrian Air Defense units will not respond to the Israeli-US fighter jets in order not to threaten the lives of Lebanese civilians or commercial airlines over Lebanon which the Israeli jets hide behind.

The Israelis also only strike at night just to terrorize the civilians. The Israeli/US fighter jets missiles were heard over Lebanese Sedon city.

Among the bombed sites include Mezzeh military air base in the outskirts of Damascus, and in Jamraya to the east of Damascus. The towns of Sahnaya and Darayya south of Damascus. A military base was also targeted in Homs countryside.

The bloodthirsty anti-Semite Israelis in this latest attack comes as their compensation for failing to make the US bomb Iran despite their huge efforts to manipulate their agents within the US regime. It also comes after few days of the Israeli – US – Russian national security advisors meetings which raises questions among the Syrians on what the Russians have agreed with their ‘partners’.

Material damages in houses in the towns targeted by the Israelis were also a result of this latest aggression.

SAA air defense units managed to shoot down 3 of the incoming missiles mid-air, but without the S300 bought since 2010 and delivered the end of last year from Russia has yet to be handed over to the Syrian operators with the access code. Meanwhile, Russia is offering everybody else its S400, including its archenemies but not allowed for Syria or Iran keeping the Russian favors to Israel on the accounts of the Syrian people, and now at the cost of Syrian infants.

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  1. falcemartello

    With regards to the Russians Stalin quote “Israel is our whore”. Old Italian saying “La fiducia si guadagna goce per goce ma si perde a litri”(tRUST IS GAINED ONE DROP AT TIME BUT IS LOST IN ONE BUCKET).Hence Yes the slavs have come in and has not allowed Damascus to fall but I suspect the Persians are being played at the moment. Just a theory.


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