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300,000 Cubic Meters of Gas Added to Production in Homs

North Faid 9 and Abu Rabah 19 Gas Wells in Homs Restored

North Faid Field and Abu Rabah 19 are the latest two additions in the overhauling of Syria’s oil and gas industry after eradicating ISIS and other US-sponsored terrorists from Homs.

A total capacity of 300,000 cubic meters gas from the 2 restored wells are now in production: 100,000 cubic meters from the North Faid 9 gas well and 200,000 cubic meters from Abu Rabah 19 gas well.

Since the eradication of ISIS and other terrorist groups from different areas all over the country by the heroic Syrian Arab Army ‘SAA’ and their allies, 15 gas wells have been rehabilitated and put into production raising the production to 13.5 million cubic meters and 16,000 barrels of crude oil per day, very low figures from the records pre US-led ‘War of Terror‘ imposed on Syria.

Last month, the Ministry of Oil in Syria re-connected al-Shaer Gas well in Homs Eastern countryside adding another 1 million cubic meters to the production.

Syrian oil and gas industries were on the main list of targets by the terrorists and their Western and regional sponsors for looting and destroying what they cannot loot.

Looted Syrian oil by ISIS was sold via the Erdogan Regime in Turkey which helped the terrorist organization maintain its funding to commit further crimes against humanity in Syria. This trade between NATO member state Turkey and ISIS received a major blow when Russian Air Forces targeted what Putin described as ‘miles long of trucks that looked like a live pipeline’.

The Syrian Arab Army and their allies are advancing in Eastern Deir Ezzor and gaining more oil fields but they’re in a race with the United State of America and its proxies who replaced ISIS with SDF (HSD) Kurdish looters. The Kurdish looters changed flags and banners with ISIS without fight in Raqqa, after the US led-coalition obliterated the city of Raqqa instead of liberating it, and ISIS terrorists were given a safe path towards advancing SAA troops in a scandalous attempt by the US-led coalition of rogue outlaw states to prolong the war and continue looting the country and cause more suffering among the Syrian people.

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