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World Health Org. Delivers Ambulances and Mobile Clinics as Aid to Syria

World Health Org delivers ambulances and mobile clinics to Syria

The World Health Organization WHO is working in close cooperation with the Syrian health authorities, the official and real ones, to help revive the Syrian Healthcare System after years of the US-led war of terror and attrition against the Syrian people.

Before 2011, the Syrian healthcare system was adequate, affordable, professional, and ever-developing, that was before the USA and its cronies decided to bomb Syria with their version of ‘democracy’ using their ‘Al Qaeda-styled democracy spreading agents’ and by direct bombing by NATO member states and their regional stooges, then topped all that up with crippling sanctions that affected the Syrian healthcare system just like it affected every aspect of life for every Syrian inside Syria and abroad.

The following video report by SANA shows the delivery of the latest healthcare aid by the World Health Organization to the Syrian Ministry of Health, a full transcript of the report in English follows:

The video is also available on BitChute, 3Speak, and YouTube for now.

The Ministry of Health received 3 ambulances and 5 mobile clinics from the World Health Organization to support health care services and the ambulance system, in light of the challenges posed by unilateral Western coercive measures against the health sector in Syria.

Dr. Hassan Al-Ghobash – Minister of Health: The World Health Organization has always contributed to providing support and assistance to the health sector in Syria, and coordination was at the highest levels, whether in the field of technical support or developing the competencies and skills of health workers of various groups or by material support from equipment and mechanisms, and the ambulance system is one of these examples.

A protocol was signed between us and the World Health Organization to support this system, revive it and make up for the deficiency. The Syrian doctor was and still is one of the distinguished, and the organization will support the rehabilitation of a group of these doctors to lead the next health stage, God willing.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari – Regional Director of the World Health Organization: I was honored by my second visit to Syria during these days, and this visit came as part of a plan that was made during this period in order to visit countries and get to know directly the challenges and needs required, as well as meeting with officials, and today I am very happy that I met with His Excellency the Minister of Health and we discussed various aspects.

Of course, the support provided by the organization, which was mentioned by His Excellency the Minister regarding ambulances, is part of a plan that was implemented in consultation with the Syrian Ministry of Health, as well as with the support of various supporting partners in order to strengthen the response and emergency program in Syria, which during the last period has been exposed to many challenges and shortages of supplies.

Dr. Akjemal Maktumova – Representative of the World Health Organization in Syria: The World Health Organization has been working closely with the Ministry of Health for many years, aiming to respond to health needs in cooperation. This health aid that has been provided is part of the aid that the World Health Organization wants to provide, for example, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the World Health Organization has provided 69 ambulances in addition to more than 30 mobile medical clinics. This aid today is part of the aid that will be provided in the future. I would like to thank the Ministry of Health and the Minister in particular for this cooperation between us to meet the needs greatly, God willing. We are looking forward to this cooperation.

End of the transcript

You can also help the Syrian people by pressing your government to lift the sanctions off Syria through your supposed to be representatives you elected freely and democratically to work on your behalf and in your better interest for yourself and your children now and in the future; for sure imposing sanctions on the Syrian people and prolonging their suffering can’t be in your interest, especially that you foot the bill for all the aid your government provided and continue to provide to the same terrorists they claim they’re fighting worldwide, and the crimes of these terrorists are committed in your name.

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