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Wahhabis Mocking Islam in the Most Sacred Mosque

Wahhabi alien hajj

In Wahhabistan: Saudi preachers keep repeating a saying by prophet Muhammad PBuH: ‘Each invention (in religion) is a heresy’ and they apply it on all aspects of life except on religion itself, to keep their people from developing; while they created a brand new version of Islam and called it Wahhabism, this Wahhabism goes against the core message of Islam itself..

Here’s an invention added to one of the main pillars of Islam that Wahhabi preachers don’t see a problem in! The idea of circling around Kaa’ba, the large black building in the heart of Mecca, is to repeat what prophet Ibrahim (Abram) did when he built this house of worship, and going between the two mountain hills Safa and Marwa is also to repeat what prophet Ibrahim’s wife Hagar did searching for water for their infant baby Ismail, to feel the suffering not to tour the site like this alien!!

Hajj is attended by millions of Muslims from around the globe each year once, it’s one of the main five pillars of Islam and its a mandatory religious duty for Muslims that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by all adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable of undertaking the journey, and can support their family during their absence. There’s also Umrah, which can be done outside the days of Hajj, it doesn’t constitute a replacement of Hajj but it’s still a spiritual journey for Muslims and Muslims carry out lots of acts from Hajj during the it.

Hajj is attended by millions of Muslims from around the world each year.

The main targets of Wahhabism and the Wahhabi terrorist groups: ISIS, Alqaeda, FSA, Nusra Front et al, is Islam and mainstream Muslims, as confirmed by the acts and crimes committed by these terrorists throughout the years. Does the expression ‘Moderate Rebels’ ring any bell? Here’s one hint: With Moderate Rebels Like These Who Needs Terrorists & another detailed hint: The Past Year in Syria, The Final Days of Armageddon, just to refresh your memory.

Wahhabism to Islam is what Zionism is to Judaism and what KKK is to Christianity, radical ideologies using the religion to distort its image from within, only pure evil can come up with such a thing, pure evil like the British Empire and who control it. 

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