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Operation Al Aqsa Flood – Will Putin Win?

Operation Al Aqsa Flood - Will Putin Win

Ultimately, the bet remains on the calculations of President Putin and his success in winning over Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt, America’s past and present allies, to his side in his efforts to prove his sincere desire for solidarity with the Palestinian people

The following is the English translation from Arabic of the latest article by Turkish career journalist Husni Mahali he published on 11 December 2023 on the Al-Mayadeen news site Al-Mayadeen Net:

Having achieved strategic gains in Syria, and through it across the region, through greater coordination and cooperation with Iran, it seems that Moscow will be a winner from the events in occupied Palestine, especially from the results of the Zionist/American aggression on Gaza.

This is explained by the quick visit made by President Putin to Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, the warm welcome with which he was received there, and his friendly meeting with the two Mohammed’s, bin Salman and bin Zayed. This may be among the reasons that prompted Washington to use its veto against the joint proposal of all members of the UN Security Council, which called for an immediate cessation of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank.

The visit of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to Moscow came a day after Putin visited Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, and after that the important phone call that President Putin made with his counterpart (Egypt’s) Sisi, to support President Putin’s strategies at the regional and international levels after his army achieved major victories in Ukraine, and in particular after the West Atlantic distraction with the Israeli aggression on Gaza. It seems clear that these victories have increased and will increase President Putin’s popularity on the eve of the presidential elections next March 15, which will help him to remain in power until 2030 and perhaps 2036.

This is what President Sisi will do after the elections that began on Sunday and ended on Tuesday, which will open the way for him to remain in power until the year 2030, and perhaps until 2036 if he runs for the fourth time since officially assuming power in the 2014 elections. These are the experiences that President Erdogan will benefit from, as he plans to change the constitution after the municipal elections next March so that he can nominate himself for the fourth time after the end of his current term in 2028, which is for five years so that he can remain in power until 2033, and perhaps 2038 if he thinks about running for the fifth time.

This is what President Putin may wish for after he succeeded in his efforts to win Erdogan to his side and distance him from the traditional ally, America, despite the many points of disagreement between Moscow and Ankara, whether in Syria, the Caucasus, or Central Asia. President Putin ignored all these differences after achieving many economic, military, political, and even psychological gains in his relations with Erdogan, who took very violent positions against the Zionist entity, many European countries, and finally America because of its absolute support for “Tel Aviv.” President Putin also took advantage of Washington’s support for the Kurdish militias east of the Euphrates, encouraging President Erdogan to take more violent stances against Washington and its allies in the West, over all of whom Putin achieved military, political, and psychological superiority in Ukraine.

The Russian military presence in Syria, President Putin’s relations with the rulers of the Gulf, America’s traditional allies, and his efforts to develop distinguished relations with President Sisi and before that with Tehran may be among the most important reasons for this superiority, which gained a practical and more influential character after the war in Gaza. Demonstrations, in millions, around the world have helped President Putin emerge from the dock and “global” hostility toward Russia over the war in Ukraine.

Many governments, peoples, and organizations in the world have realized that the traditional imperialist and colonial West is the real supporter of the terrorist Zionist entity that kills the children of Gaza.

Without the vast majority of the people and governments of the world ignoring the weak position of most Arab and Islamic regimes, Moscow saw these positions as justification for evading violent statements against “Tel Aviv,” and this explains the phone call that President Putin made with Netanyahu (Sunday) to explain to him the results of his moves. And his recent consultations with Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Tehran and Doha.

This is what Netanyahu did not care about, according to information from the Hebrew media, which talked about Netanyahu’s reaction to Moscow’s policies of solidarity with Hezb Allah, Hamas, and Iran, even though Russia, along with the Arab and Islamic regimes, evaded during the recent period from taking any practical position in support of the Palestinian people, as Washington and its allies in the West did. These are the positions that the Palestinian people will not forget, because “some may forget their enemy after the war, but they will not forget their friend who did not stand by their side in this war,” and the words here are from the late Bosnian leader Alija Izet Bakovic.

Returning to the gains that President Putin has achieved and will achieve from the war in Gaza, it has become clear that Moscow’s relations with Hamas, whose delegation visited Moscow at the beginning of the war, and Hezb Allah and Ansar Allah in Yemen, will help Russia gain more bargaining chips with Washington and its allies, not only in Ukraine but also In the Middle East in general, with its repercussions on the calculations of everyone in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Black Sea, and even the Straits of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandab, which are very important to the overall calculations of the Zionist imperialist colonial West. It has become clear that it is no longer acceptable to many who were allies of this West before the war, and the Palestinian people paid a very high price for it in the absence of solidarity and real support from all “those who used to say they were its brothers and friends.”

Ultimately, the bet remains on President Putin’s calculations and his success in winning over Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt, America’s past and present allies, to his side in his efforts to prove his sincere desire for solidarity with the Palestinian people by stopping the aggression in one way or another.

This will give him strategic superiority in his hostility to America and its allies in the West, as long as almost the entire people of the world stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and see everyone who helps them in action and not in words as a “great hero” and in the name of humanity, far from any political calculations.

These calculations brought Washington and those with it to a dead end due to its psychological complex in defending the Zionist entity as long as it is the creation of this American-British-French West, and later those with them all internationally and regionally, that is, in the region. President Putin may help the complicit Arab and Islamic regimes to get out of the quagmire of this complicity into which they fell willingly or against their will after they had accepted for themselves humiliation and indignity.

It is time to get rid of this black record with a very simple position, which is to take one step towards stopping the Zionist aggression. It can only do this with President Putin, who will not hesitate to take such a step after he trusts his new allies. That is, of course, if not everyone is afraid of the “senile” Biden and before him the criminal Netanyahu and the world’s Zionists with him. They are everywhere, and getting rid of them requires joint action everywhere, at all levels, and on all fronts, Putin knows that better than others, and the Arabs need him and he needs them.

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  1. mosckerr

    The Reagan Administration did not appreciate the strategic value of the Golan Heights to Israel because that Administration perceived only American strategic Interests and did not appreciate Israeli strategic interests.  Both President Trump and President Biden had the back of Israel.  Biden sent two American aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.  President Trump, the first US President to recognize both E. Jerusalem and the Golan as Israeli.  He followed this up with the Abraham Peace Accords which forged an alliance with 4 North African Arab/Muslim countries.  These two Presidents one Republican and the other Democrat have totally rejected the Obama Washington foreign policy.  Obama betrayed the American/Israeli Alliance when his government permitted passage of UN Resolution 2334 Anti-Israel Revisionist History.  This Revisionist History stands upon British French imperialism established after the UN Security Council imposed Cease Fire in the June 1967 Six Day War.  Post War UN Resolution 242. 

    There, in that expression, the UN ventriloquist imperialism puppet of Britain and France could impose Britain & French domination, as the 1st Order Head – in the Balance of Power in the Middle East.  UN 242 proposed to strip the Israeli 6 Day war victory.  By its terms UN Resolution 242 would 1)) Divide the Country into 2 hostile States.  2)) Divide the Capital of Jerusalem into 2 hostile Berlin-like national Capitals, having two hostile countries together with two hostile Jerusalem Capitals!.  3))  Would impose a forced population transfer of all Jews living across the 1948 Armistice Lines as settlers illegally occupying the West Bank.  This 3rd condition would have turned the ’48 Armistice Lines into Israel’s permanent borders by decree of England and France.  Thus these countries would dominate the balance of power in the Middle East.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Everybody looks only after the interests of their people and their country, except the USA and its stooges, they look after the interests of their donors, handlers, banksters, and oligarchs.


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