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Will The US Go from Stupid to Crazy and Attack Syria?

Hafez Assad

The simple answer is No, and it’s an absolute No. But don’t get me wrong, there are officials in the US regime that would take the entire country off a cliff for their personal interests or for the interests of their foreign lobbies, and they’re doing their best to implicate the US with crimes all over the planet, including Syria.

US Labeling Terrorists
US Labeling Terrorists

The US is financing, arming and assisting the so called ‘Armed Opposition’ in Syria since before the Syrian crisis, long before. NED, National Endowment for Democracy sponsored by the US government for instance. Then let’s not forget the shadow internet created especially for the ‘activists’ working inside Syria, since Syrian authorities have opened whatever was closed of social media sites and even encouraged people to use them to spread truth through it. Otpor is something people should look at as well, it gets full US support. Then the importing of thousands then tens of thousands of suicide fighters from Al-Qaeda and affiliates, ship them through Turkey where they get trained and supervised then smuggle them into Syria. And if all that was not a clear evidence of direct US involvement in fueling the Syrian crisis to the extent of declaring war without saying the word, what about the escalating sanctions imposed by the USA against Syria then asking all the countries where US has military bases in to impose similar sanctions against Syria that includes all aspects of life, and even if that’s not enough, supporting others into buying oil from the foreign Jihadists who occupy a few wells in northeast Syria can be added. Blocking on multiple occasions the UNSC from condemning horrific crimes and massacres committed by the suicide bombers and fanatics working in Syria under the FSA umbrella. Presenting 3 times draft resolutions to the UNSC under Chapter 7 to allow the use of force against the country.. Just remembering all what the US regime was working against the sovereign state of Syria throughout the past 26 months of the Syrian crisis and before doesn’t help one think except warmongering US officials are thirsty for Syrian blood, at any cost.

But will the US declare war against Syria? The EU did, why the US wont? The EU in an unprecedented step allowed members of states to arm the Syrian opposition setting a new standard in international relations to arm opposition forces against a government in a sovereign state and putting an obligation on the Syrian state and the Syrian people to pay back those countries in the EU, and other states, and arm whatever oppositions can be found against them, when required. The US covered the Israeli raid against a chicken hen and a weapons depot inside Syria near Damascus early May 2013, and covered for a previous one in January 2013.

The US regime made sure it makes the world understand they are in a state of war with the Syrian state, but just missing the order of ‘declaring the war’ officially. Usually it’s the White House calling for wars and the Congress hesitating before just ignoring any follow-ups, now it’s the other way around and many senators call for war against Syria while the White House hesitates, and been hesitating so far, not because they’re angels, of course, but they’re thinking of the minute after the first strike, something the military men are telling and something the US senators refuse to think of, remember the lobbies.

US Military men don’t trust the CIA, in case you didn’t know, based on the ‘fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’ saying. They’ve fooled them more than enough so far. Military men were able so far to foil many serious attempts by the politicians to ignite the war against Syria officially and overtly. They can’t hold for long. It takes one more missile against a Syrian target from outside Syria to flame the entire Middle East and maybe further. Syrian Arab Army got instructions after the aforementioned last Israeli raid against the sites near Damascus, to respond without waiting instructions. And trust me, the SAA is itching for such a war, they have nothing to lose and lots to gain, there’s not much more destruction to achieve in Syria, but there are a lot of destruction SAA can do against the US camp in the region.

The US sent Marines into Jordan near the borders with Syria. It deployed its Patriot missiles system near the borders with Syria. They claim it’s for a military drill, and the Jordanians claimed it was not to stay beyond the drill period, then after it was deployed the Jordanians, who also allowed to grant Israeli fighter jets corridors into their country space to attack Syria, they now say the Patriots to stay. The Turks received Patriots deployed by the Germans near the Syrian borders. Without the need to mention the fact that these systems are incapable of changing any war direction and have a very limited effect to any missiles showering done by the Syrian Arab Army into targets in either Jordan or Turkey in retaliation, it’s worth reminding the US Marines with their last direct encounter with the SAA was in Beirut 1983. Google it, some US officials don’t like to forget they lost 241 Marines in one day.

Late Hafez Assad was once asked if he fears an Israeli attack hinting to Israeli superior US made airplanes, he replied: they can carry out the raids, but they won’t find their airports when they go back. In 2006 the Israeli IDF terrorist organization launched a 34 days aggression against Lebanon based on ‘intelligence’ they can take out Hizbullah’s missile arsenal in the first few raids, and their ‘intelligence’ were so wrong that Israel was refusing calls from the US and Saudi Arabia among others to continue the aggression and was looking for a way out after the first 2 weeks when Hizbullah’s missiles started pouring back. Failure of intelligence is more higher in stakes now with the SAA’s sudden movements and momentum liberating the city of Qussayr and going almost everywhere else in the country. That was unplanned for by all of NATO’s and their stooges intelligence for the past 26 months and before.

Foreign Policy magazine posted a funny post on June 14, 2013 titled showing a map of what it called the ’23 places the U.S. will bomb if there’s a Syria no-fly zone’. Funny because it only talks about what the US will do, not taking in consideration how the Syrians would respond after the first wave?! That’s the main U.S. problem living in delusion they still think they’re the dominant force in the world and they can attack Syria now when they couldn’t attack Syria when they had more than half a million troops in nearby Iraq.

I’m not saying the U.S. can’t start the war against Syria, and I’m definitely not taking in consideration any Russian military involvement, they’re totally unreliable when it comes to direct involvement, but Syria alone with nothing more to lose can make everybody else lose, and lose dearly. In the autumn of 2011 the Syrian Arab Army carried out a military drill in which a new set of missiles made in Syria were tested. One of those missiles was said to be launched from a mobile base near Suwaida in south of Syria and it reached its target with less than 10 meters deviation in the Iranian desert to the east of Tehran, of course with the Iranian consent. The Syrians who announced the drill and showed footage of it on state TV then made sure the message is delivered to those concerned. Such range will cover all of the US military bases in the Middle East, the entire occupied Palestine and places in Europe. That’s what they know, or think they know, there’s always surprises of weapons they don’t know or think it could be waiting for them with the SAA.

'We are the best in playing at the edge of the abyss, and if we fall we fall on the bodies of our enemies' Late Hafez Assad setting the SAA's ideology.
‘We master playing at the edge of the abyss, and if we fall, we fall on the bodies of our enemies’
Late Hafez Assad setting the SAA’s ideology.

Let’s hope there are still some sane officials in the US regime with some influence to leash the loose officials. But in case they couldn’t, don’t blame Syria for burning the entire region and beyond, or dragging many powers into a war that would cause an economic meltdown worldwide with oil not flowing from the Middle East or the Arabian Gulf, and again, not mentioning the Russian involvement which they won’t, but depending on Syria’s strength alone, keeping in mind the SAA which was augmented recently to almost a million, and having 5 different new shaped armies instead of one classic, trained enough against all types of warfare against suicide fighters not like those in some ‘armies’ nearby. Then you can think of Iran and Hizbullah getting involved and some Palestinian factions helping, as we expect and they vowed to. We can understand the recent shouting frenzy by some western regimes and their stooges in the region, especially Turkey, Saudi and Qatar, after seeing their project they spent billions of dollars and very hard efforts to achieve fail before their own eyes and they can’t see any end in sight, some of them put their political name, some put their wealth and power and some went suicidal like the case of the Qataris and the new Ottomans with their Muslim Brotherhood organization. The shouting could be to compensate with loud voice what they lost on the ground in the Geneva 2 talks if it’s ever held.

Worth noting that since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian leadership insisted on maintaining the striking force of the SAA intact anticipating a foreign military invasion from any side of the country, and was using mobile mechanical divisions from the Republican Guards and the Special Forces where needed. Almost all Syrian analysts who are knowledgeable mentioned that in each analysis they presented throughout the crisis, yet they were ridiculed by their western counterparts, until Qussayr liberation was done in less than a week when the decision was taken after confirmations there’s no more civilians left, and the proof was the fact the NATO propaganda machines failed to prove civilians were killed in the SAA assault on Qussayr.

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